2022 Chicago Open Playtesting

All announcements for open practices, online or in-person scrimmages, the playing of online packets, and online or in-person playtesting goes in this forum. (Official Skype/Discord tournaments should still be announced in the relevant tournament announcement forums.)
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Galadedrid Damodred
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2022 Chicago Open Playtesting

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This is the official call for playtesters for 2022 Chicago Open. We're going to organize these sessions by subject area, so you're welcome to sign up for as many or as few categories as you like. Please fill out this Google Form to express interest. Thank you!
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Dantooine is Big!
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Re: 2022 Chicago Open Playtesting

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As we get closer to the tournament date, the CO editing team would like to reiterate that we’re looking for playtesters. Please fill out the form in the above post to express interest - it would also probably be helpful to contact a member of the editing team (preferably Kurtis Droge or Austin Brownlow) via email when you do so we can fill you in promptly. Some categories will begin playtesting soon, and others have already begun, so don’t wait around!
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