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Frequency Lists

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This year, I made frequency lists based on the tossups available on QuizDB. I hope that these can be a good, free option for anyone looking to quickly gain familiarity with a given canon of a given category or subcategory at the high school level. Here is a link to a Google Drive folder containing the lists.

Most of the subcategories' sheets have two pages: one page for QuizDB difficulties 3-5 (regular high school, hard high school, nationals high school) and another page for difficulties 4-6 (hard high school, nationals high school, and easy college).

The leftmost column displays all of the answerlines, with repeats so that the Google Sheets formula can perform the counts. The next column displays the answerlines sorted alphabetically and the number of instances of each answerline. The rightmost column displays the unique answerlines sorted by the number of instances.

I did my best to combine slightly different answerlines referring to the same thing, like "Beethoven's 5th Symphony" and "Symphony No. 5 by Ludwig van Beethoven." However I certainly missed plenty of answers that should have been combined. As a result, some of the counts will be slightly off, but not so much so that the counts are any less useful.
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