Reach Scores (Audio)

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Reach Scores (Audio)

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Some Canadians know I've been on a quixotic effort to A) find old Reach scores and B) get more transparency in the qualification/ranking process. The former is a historical interest I've had for a while (as evidenced by any pre-2008 Canadian topic on the QB Wiki) and the latter has been simmering, but blew up in the 2016 Provs messes. I have combined the two as "Reach Scores".

My newest development is an audio portion. I have recorded games in the past, but I made a trial run of recording my room at Lisgar's Reach-style tournament. "Reach-style" is terrible, but it brings in teams, including Nationals contenders, possibly under the illusion that the only way to prepare for a title run is to play short questions with hoses. Anyway, I am making the recordings available to give an impression of how "Reach-style" goes, and to have evidence of team strength if there is another bad qualification or seeding issue. I plan to record the Ottawa regional tournament and possibly one more before the season is out.

I have summarized all of the games here. Excuse any audio quality issues, but I deliberately muffled out players a bit as part of larger privacy concerns and I have no intention of investing money towards improvements (so free stuff it is).

I am also collecting old Reach results (including CBC games). My "database" of old results will be a perpetual work in progress, but I will eventually write posts about old tournaments with links to results. If you have old, mostly-complete tournament results, or other submissions such as audio, feel free to use my Reach Scores contact email at [email protected] (remove the number).

PS: This is not affiliated with SchoolReach/Reach for the Top and should not be interpreted as promotion of those entities. This is a free effort to shed light on old and current information.
Ben Smith
Ottawa '08 & '10
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