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Re: Next Year

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Interesting... we were hoping that since you guys at JI came up to GMU for Weekend of Quizbowl, and we were really trying to let people know this was a dress rehearsal for NSC that she might be more inclined to go. Instead she went to Chip's on the same weekend, right?
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Re: Next Year

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Correct. In fact, Mr. Barry, Mr. Rountree, and Mr. Huff came to watch one of our games against...I think Wallenpaupack B. Perhaps it was our not-so-hot performance on Saturday of WoQ that may have swayed her to the other side, but I don't think I've ever heard her say the word PACE. Perhaps "pace", like "pick up the pace", but never PACE nor NSC.

MLWGS-Gir wrote:I believe the word you're going for is :chip: tastic.
Ahh! Thanks Sarah. On my own, I might have come up with a less flattering word.
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Re: Next Year

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aarcoh wrote:
I think a team that went 1-5 and could not once break 150 points on an NAQT A Set at Seton Hall is not "strong" by any quizbowl-related definition of that term.
For what it's worth, I played them at that tournament and I do believe they were missing their captain/guy who does all of their scoring. At the New York state championship I think they beat Hunter so there obviously is some talent.

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