Weather and the 2007 ICT

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Weather and the 2007 ICT

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This hasn't been mentioned anywhere in the forums and I wanted to make sure people knew going to the ICT knew about it.

The Twin Cities area is project to get several inches of snow today and tommorow and possibly some on Thursday.

Here are some links to the weather forceast. ... ck_check=1 ... v_vacation

Fortunately the snow is supposed to stop before the tournament and hopefully teams will be able to get there.

Since most teams will presumably be leaving on Thursday and Friday, hopefully this won't be much of an issue.

Minnesota weather can be quite unpredictable and I figure it is important for people to know about this in case they have to change their travel plans.
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Just an update on this. It's currently snowing pretty heavily down here in Northfield, so I wouldn't be surprised if the forecasts for the Cities are accurate. Won't know how much sticks until later.