LOOT (HS Regs+, 2024-2025)

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LOOT (HS Regs+, 2024-2025)

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We are very pleased to announce LOOT (Lambert and Others’ Outstanding Tournament), a high school regular+ difficulty (aiming for CREEK or DART III). We intend for this set to be ready for mirrors in the fall 2024-25 semester. Our head editors will be Manu Sankaran and I (Sanjay Shanmuga Perumal). This set will be written entirely by Georgians (contributing schools are Lambert, Innovation Academy, Johns Creek, Chattahoochee, and Midtown).

Writers and Editors: Manu Sankaran, Sanjay Shanmuga Perumal, Pranav Srambikkal, Tejas Kohli, Kevin Wang, Rohan Dalal, Jeffrey Xu, Michelle Luo, Edward Kim, Aakash Sanjay, Adhav Ravikumar, Krish Chinta, Varun Venkatagiri, Lucas Ardelean, Ibrahim Mohammad, Tarun Devi, Arhith Dharanendra, and Charles Heydt.

While our team has many new writers, we have worked extensively to ensure that the set is high quality and exceeds all quiz bowl standards. Upon completion of the set (completion date is fluid but aimed to be around the beginning to middle of the 24-25 fall semester), we will rigorously playtest the set to ensure set quality.

Set Details:

This set will have 13 packets of uniform difficulty, each containing 20 power-marked tossups and 20 bonuses, with an extra half-packet of replacement/tiebreaker questions. Tossups are between 650-700 characters in length, and bonuses are capped at 8 lines with 10-point Times New Roman font. The following category distribution will be used:

4/4 Literature (Kevin Wang, Krish Chinta)
1 American
0.9 British/CAN/AUS/NZ (includes all works from the British Isles)
0.75 European
0.75 World
0.3 Ancient/Classical
0.3 Mixed
This includes an approximate distribution of 1/1 poetry, 0.75/0.75 drama, 1.5/1.5 long fiction, and 0.75/0.75 short stories

4/4 History (Tejas Kohli, Varun Venkatagiri, Pranav Srambikkal)
1 American
1 British/European
1 World
0.5 Ancient/Classical
0.5 Cross/Historiography

4/4 Science (Adhav Ravikumar, Charles Heydt)
1 Biology
1 Chemistry
1 Physics
0.5 Mathematics (theory only) and Computer Science
0.5 Astronomy and Earth Science

3/3 Fine Arts (Jeffrey Xu, Manu Sankaran)
1 Classical Music
1 Painting/Sculpture
0.5 Other Auditory (including Jazz, Musicals, and Opera)
0.5 Other Visual (including Architecture, Dance, Film, Performance, and Photography)

2/2 Belief (Michelle Luo, Sanjay Shanmuga Perumal)
1 Religion
1 Mythology

1/1 Thought (Krish Chinta, Arhith Dharanendra)
0.5 Philosophy
0.5 Social Science

1/1 The World (Adhav Ravikumar, Varun Venkatagiri)
0.5 Current Events
0.5 Geography

1/1 Trash (Manu Sankaran)
0.5 Pop Culture
0.5 Sports


The mirror fee for this set will be $18 per team that attends your mirror. This mirror fee will be reduced to $15 per team if you can send conversion statistics (which can be generated using TJsheets or MODAQ) AS WELL AS complete statistics posted to the hsquizbowl website within one week of your tournament happening.

For international or small-circuit* tournaments, there will be a discounted $10 mirror per team. If conversion statistics and complete statistics are provided, the fee will move to $8 per team.

We would love for as many circuits as possible to have a mirror of this set. For that reason, LOOT will be available for high school and college novice mirrors. If you are considering mirroring LOOT, please email both sanjay [dot] shanmuga [at] gmail [dot] com and manussankaran [at] gmail [dot] com with the “LOOT Mirror Request" subject line. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at the same email addresses provided.

*Email us at sanjay [dot] shanmuga [at] gmail [dot] com and manussankaran [at] gmail [dot] com to ask about small-circuit mirror discounts.


We are aiming to have LOOT ready for playtesting by late July/early August. If you have graduated from high school and would be willing to playtest this set, please email both sanjay [dot] shanmuga [at] gmail [dot] com and manussankaran [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “LOOT Playtesting”.
Sanjay Shanmuga Perumal
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Re: LOOT (HS Regs+, 2024-2025)

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