US Presidential Elections Study Guide

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US Presidential Elections Study Guide

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I didn't really know where to put this, so here we go...

This study guide aims to give detailed info on every presidential election in American History. Hope you enjoy! ... sp=sharing

P.S. If you think this would fit in a different section, let me know!
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Re: US Presidential Elections Study Guide

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This is a good start, and a creditable project to undertake. My advice -- it's unlikely, in my experience, that a quizbowl question would ask about the exact turnout percentage or electoral vote count (unless it's a notable detail that could be clued, like "highest turnout since the Civil War" or "biggest electoral swing" etc etc). So you could save space by pruning that, and add more interesting chestnuts that a question writer might be tempted to clue. Weird slogans, notable scandals, iconic (or infamous) television ads, et cetera.
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