Detailed stats app

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Detailed stats app

Post by ryanrosenberg »

I've put together an app reporting on detailed stats for the two seasons of QB League, an online quizbowl competition that used MODAQ as a question reader and kept stats using QBJ, a stats format that supports detailed stats like buzzpoints and individual bonus part conversion. My hope is that this app -- and the broader ability to report well and easily on detailed stats -- spurs tournament hosts to use MODAQ as a reader interface and to keep detailed stats. Andrew Nadig also recently announced that YellowFruit now supports QBJ import, which makes running a tournament using MODAQ much easier as well.

If you'd like to see your tournament or set use this app, please get in touch! The data and backend requirements for this app are purposely simple, and my goal is to make this as replicable as possible for other tournament. The app requirements are:
  • Match results in QBJ format (generated by MODAQ)
  • A CSV or Excel file containing category and answer metadata for each question (most time-intensive step, though I have some ideas to make it easier and currently it only takes about 5-10 mins/packet)
  • Packets parsed by YAPP
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Re: Detailed stats app

Post by Alejandro »

This looks amazing! I love the visualizations and the amount of detail available, especially the in Player and Question sections.

I look forward to a time when advanced stats become the norm for tournaments, where the data can be used to improve teams' studying habits and strategies as well as editors' knowledge of difficulties in the distribution.
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