Quizbowl men, get a haircut

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Re: Quizbowl men, get a haircut

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eliza.grames wrote:Stop being a dick, folks.
eliza.grames wrote:Multiple people** have personally DMed me to agree that you are a sexist piece of shit and should stop giving your bad opinions on the forums.
I realize this is a very charged topic for you, but this makes for a poor juxtaposition.
eliza.grames wrote:[...]you've suggested that female involvement in quiz bowl is entirely based on being attracted to male participants
I still don't see where that has been done, at least on this thread, without the absolute worst bad-faith reading of one of Alston's posts. I'm not sure about the other accusations, though.
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Re: Quizbowl men, get a haircut

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Just squeezing in before thread lock here to say that while I initially disagreed with some of Dees' and Alston's assertions, the counterarguments leveled here are obnoxious enough for me to change sides. I can't pinpoint exactly where this thread turned into us vs. them but yes this has regrettably become dichotomous. let's all be adults here, unkempt or not
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Re: Quizbowl men, get a haircut

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Probably time to take a break from this thread for a while, everyone. We've had a contentious but fairly valuable time, so please try to keep in mind some of the more useful conclusions:

-personal grooming is good, both as a courtesy to those around you and for your own sake
-women are not a monolithic entity
-anyone, even Chris Ray Wang Anshi, can learn and grow through open discussion

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