UGA Hybrid- DJ Shockley Memorial, Jun 10, 2006

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UGA Hybrid- DJ Shockley Memorial, Jun 10, 2006

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The UGA CBAT would like to announce that we will be hosting our 3rd annual Hybrid tournament- the DJ Shockley Memorial, on Jun 10, 2006, in the Tate Student Center on the UGA Campus.

The tournament has mixed rounds of 10 academic and 10 trash questions. We have several packets from the Ottawa Hybird, but anyone may submit a packet (and get a discount for doing so- more on that in a minute).

Speaking of fees.....the base fee for this tournament is $80 IF you decide NOT write a packet. If you wish to write your own packet for use in the tournament (which will guarantee some playoff packets), your cost is $70. The packet must be in my email inbox no later than 11-59-59 June 3, 2006. Any packet submitted after this will recieve a $5 penalty. Any packet turned in the day of the tournament will be assessed a $15 penalty on the base price.

Here are the packet requirements. Please alternate questions in the packet (whichever format you deiced to start with (academic or trash) is up to you.

Packet Requirements (22 TU/bonuses total):

2 History (1 US 1 World)
2 Lit
2 Science
2 Geography or other social sciences
1 Current Events
1 Misc (non-trash)
(plus 1 extra question- "writer's choice." Can be on any academic
topic they choose)

2 TV (1 pre/post 1975)*
2 Music (1 pre/post 1970)
2 Movies (1 pre/post 1970)*
2 Sports (1 from each sport)
1 "Trash Lit"*
1 Misc (trash-ography, consumerism, etc.)
(Plus 1 extra question- "writer's choice-" sci-fi rule still applies*)

*Sci-Fi Rule: As sci-fi/fantasy can transcend any of these
categories, there can be only one (1) sci-fi related TU and Bonus in
the trash section of the packet.

So far, we have the following teams interested:

UTC- Kilby
UGA- Arlo Lyle
UGA- Wes Carter
Dren Rollins,

We can alway take free agents and the like, so email if you're interested (UGAQuizdogs at yahoo dot com)

If you're interested in attending, go ahead and let me know now so I know how many rooms to reserve at the Tate.

Any other questions, please let me know.

Thanks and good luck during finals,
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just're giving a 10 dollar discount off $80 for a packet, but if they submit it late, that goes down to 5 dollars, and if they submit it day of, you charge them $95 (not to mention you use a packet at the risk of repeats and bad questions)? Is there really any monetary incentive to put the time it takes into write a packet here, especially if you're late, since you don't have to write a packet at all to attend? I mean, it's one thing if you tack on late packet fees for a tournament that requires submission, but you're charging more for people to submit a late packet than you are for people to submit no packet. Thoughts?
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Must be Georgia math.

My theory is that perhaps you have to state in advance that you're choosing the no-packet option. If one chooses to do a packet, then presents it the day of the tournament, one is then charged $95.
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With two weeks to go, here are how things stand for the UGA Hybrid- the DJ Shockley Memorial:

The following teams have signed up to play:

1- UGA House Team (Noah Mink, Arlo Lyle, possibly Paul Ruddle)
2- UGA House team (Wes Carter and other South GA people)
3- Morris College
4- UTC (John Kilby

As you can see there is still plenty of room. We have 12 packets from the Ottawa Hybird (edited of some Canadian material- we've kept a few), so expect a RR/ 2xRR plus playoffs. We hope to be done by 6pm (or post time for the Belmont).

FREE AGENTS: We may have some free agents, so if you need one, let me know and we'll work out a deal.

John Kilby will be running his Hybird music round as was done last year.

LOCATION: This year, we'll be playing at the UGA Tate Student Center, located in the heart of the UGA Campus and next door to Sanford Stadium. If, for some unknown reason we have to move, we'll have it at the alternate site, the high school.

Remember, if you are submitting a packet, they are due June 3 at 11-59-59pm in order to avoid a late fee. If you see yourself being a day later, let me know and we can work out a deal. However, don't forget, if you say a packet is coming and we get it the night before or the morning of (in other words, too late to really edit it well), there is a major penalty.

If you have any questions or issues, please let me know.

See you all in two weeks

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Where's the results?!
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Just for Billy, here are the quick results (my apologies for not using clever team/player names):

Standings After Double Round Robin:

UTC + UKY [8-0]
Maryland [6-2]
Wes et al. [4-4]
Morris College [2-6]
UGA [0-8]

Individuals After Double Round Robin:

[TU (15) - TU (10) - Negs]

1) Seth (UTC + UKY): 70 PPG [15-35-3]
2) Johnathan (Maryland): 47.5 PPG [11-22-1]
3) Dave (Morris): 42.5 PPG [1-8-2]*
4) Kilby (UTC + UKY): 40 PPG [8-22-4]
5) Casey (Maryland): 38.75 PPG [6-24-4]

* Played two games with Morris College (thus the high average but low TU numbers)


Morris College left due to other commitments, automatically making UGA the fourth seed

UTC + UKY defeats UGA
Maryland defeats Wes et al.

UTC + UKY defeats Maryland

Music Round:
1) Robin
2) Seth
3) Johnathan
4) I can't remember; someone from the Wes et al. team, I think