Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

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Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Cosmas's Tabernacular Earth »

After last year's wildly successful run, the Canadian player poll is back!

Eligible players: Any player who has been involved in at least 2 quiz bowl tournaments in Canada since June 1, 2016 is eligible to be voted for. Other than that, there are no requirements, so you can vote for open players, university players, high school players, and even players who have previously announced their retirement! (provided they have played the requisite number of tournaments in Canada)

Eligible voters: Anyone who knows how to count to 25. Familiarity with the Canadian circuit preferred.

There will be some slight changes this time around, besides the eligibility changes. In addition to the standard top 25 academic players, we will also be polling for the top 25 trash players and the top 10 staffers. You can vote in 1, 2, or all 3 polls by sending your ballots to [email protected] or messaging me here. You are encouraged to provide funny commentary along with your selections. Or serious commentary. Or no commentary. Your choice.

Voting will close on May 17. Ballots containing ineligible players will not be counted. Please keep the jokes in the commentary rather than submitting a joke ballot.

Some relevant stats:





Novice: &


Penn Bowl:

ACF Fall:


Delta Burke:



ACF Regionals:




Mac Vanity:

Some Trash Side Events:

CO Trash:

Cottage Bowl:



We do not keep stats on staffers, but presumably voters are aware of who are the TDs, moderators, scorekeepers, stats guys, room bookers, etc.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Theodore »

People may also want to consider Listory:
Ted (Ze Feng) Gan

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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Lighthouse Expert Elinor DeWire »

Remember there's a regular difficulty tournament coming up this weekend, followed by a trash tournament! Don't cast your ballots to soon.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Theodore »

I'm still in the Canadian Quizbowl circuit even though I don't play as much as I used to. That being said, I have a considerable amount of collegiate Quizbowl experience (I wonder if I'm the only person in Canadian Quizbowl to have played more collegiate tournaments in high school than in university), but my impressions of players may be a year or two old. For this reason I probably have bias towards the old guard.

I tried to have a mix of both ranking commentary and anecdotes, but got more carried away with the latter.

Here's my ballot:

1 Derek So
His ICT stats speak for themselves. I remember when Derek had only played quizbowl for about a year or so and he was already arguably better than Jordan Palmer, one of the Canadian greats with about a decade of Quizbowl experience. However, fun fact: at one of his first tournaments, Derek's team was defeated by Colonel By B (although that team had Cameron Amini on it and was better than Colonel By A). Fun Fact #2: he is listed in those stats as "Derrek": ... detail/#t7

2 Rein Otsason
Note: It was tough ranking the U of T players amongst themselves. Everybody knows he's an elite science player, but he is also just really good across the board. He is probably disappointed in me because I didn't go to EngSci and I'm not that good at Quizbowl science.

3 Aayush Rajasekaran
Great depth and breadth of knowledge, not to mention he has excellent buzzing reflexes/speed. My favourite Aayush memory is playing him while he was in Dubai. He is probably disappointed in me because I didn't apply to Waterloo. However, he is more disappointed in Anubhav for not getting a Hindu tossup at high school provincials while Aayush was reading.

4 Jay Misuk
Very good at many things, including history, music and geography. Actually, he is insane at geography. And Pokemon. I wish I had teachers like Jay.

5 Ian Dewan
Some of my earliest Quizbowl memories included getting destroyed by Earl of March in high school. He is capable of getting tossups in pretty much any category. Had a couple of dominating performances against my Carleton team at Penn Bowl 2016 (which I'm aware wasn't this past season).

6 Patrick Liao
He seems well-known in the USA for Canadiana knowledge, but he knows much much more than just that. One of my greatest high school memories was a Quizbowl road trip to Toronto with Patrick (in Di Xiao's minivan).

7 Aaron dos Remedios
One of the most fun players to play with or against, along with Aayush. Like many others ranked above him, has excellent broad knowledge of the canon and perhaps the best "Quizbowl IQ" in Canada. Also, suspiciously good at sports.

8 Cameron Amini
Cameron's really good at history and philosophy, and just seems to get better when the questions get harder. No matter what difficulty, you can expect him to first line a couple tossups at each tournament. He can feasibly buzz in most non-science categories; in fact he gets more literature than me nowadays, and lit is one of my stronger subjects that I usually beat him to in high school. Happy to be his teammate for the past 6 years, since grade 9.

9 Dennis Beeby
Ranked him lower for relative inactivity. Dennis vs Cameron is my favourite Quizbowl rivalry. The best moment of this rivalry was when Cameron negged a high school level tossup on Brazil when Dennis was reading.

10 Erik Christensen
Waterloo has changed quite a bit since when I was in high school just two years ago, but Erik is still a force to be reckoned. Perhaps you may know him better for his exceptional side events, but he is really good at academic Quizbowl too.

11 Chris Lionel
One of the few players in the Canadian circuit who as far as I remember, have never seen play, ever. I ranked him here just based on stats.

12 Daniel Lovsted
I feel I've underrated Daniel based on not seeing him play as much as the others. I always thought of him as a Reach player, but there was really no doubt that he would adapt to Quizbowl in the blink of an eye.

13 Faheem Pahlwan
In my opinion, one of the most underrated and least-talked-about good Canadian players. He just knows a lot of stuff.

14 Adam Swift
Solid all-around player and nice guy, as is expected of a player who played SCT and other closed tournaments solo back when he was at RIT. He is hard to judge, as I'm used to playing him when he has no teammates. I greatly respect the dedication to consistently drive by himself for multiple hours across the border to attend tournaments. Adam is the greatest hono(u)rary Canadian.

15 Akhil Garg
Great science player, and he is one of the few players who seems to only get better at higher difficulties. Nobody is capable of not liking Akhil; he isprobably the most (or second most behind Ming-Ho Yee) beloved person in Canadian Quizbowl.

16 Leslie Newcombe
Was a D2 SCT all-star a couple years ago. Good generalist and fast buzzer; I seem to lose a lot of buzzer races to Leslie.

17 Paul Kasinski
Great at history and fun person to play against and talk to. Good sense of humour.

18 Peter Liu
Has some Cameron Amini-level good history buzzes from time to time. I don't know how active he is now, nor have I played him in a while.

19 Chris Sims
Never been to a tournament where he was also there, so I've ranked him based on stats. Strong performance at ACF Nationals, and great ambition to attend as a 2nd year QB player. Great to see young talent on Toronto considering their A team was a 4th/5th year and 3 grad students.
EDIT: Zhenglin Liu has corrected me that Chris Sims is actually a first year Quizbowl player and student!

20 Zhenglin Liu
Along with Chris Sims, Zhenglin is another one of Toronto's strong young players who rose to prominence very quickly. Was amazing at the HSNCT mirror last summer, and at ACF nationals this year. Is also one of the few engineering students in Canadian Quizbowl, along with Rein and myself.

21 Joe Su
Sometimes you forget that he's not just a stats-keeping machine, but is actually pretty good at Quizbowl, especially science and music

22 Ted Gan
I'm rusty from high school and haven't improved much in some of my traditional categories (literature and visual arts) since then. I think I've improved at science, but this improvement would be more pronounced if Quizbowl physics had a lot more on fluid mechanics and mechanical/aerospace engineering in general.

23 Andrej Vukovic
Great at math, also good at literature, science, music among other things. Great teammate as well.

24 Nicholas Sunderland
Haven't played him much since high school but the stats suggest he's doing well.

25 Anubhav Srivastava
Great at science.

EDIT: I wish Joe posted earlier. I may update my ballot as I am playing the Oxford tournament this weekend.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by p-vs-vp »

Staffer ballot

1. Ming-Ho Yee
The one-man TD machine. EVERY tournament I've witnessed being directed by Ming-Ho Yee has been impeccably run. Like, people returned from lunch on time, the afternoon rounds started on time, and Ottawa teams made it home before midnight! This is literally *unheard* of with others. MHY is the gem of Canadian staffers, and NEU is lucky to have him.

2. Joe Su
Nobody does more for the Canadian circuit than Joe Su, and his work is always exemplary. We are all Friends of Joe Su.

3. Huma Zafar
Also a formidable TD among Waterloo leaders. Ranked a bit lower for losing a high school student in downtown Kitchener once.

4. Arjun Sondhi
I did a pretty good job as TD, but even more impressively, I once staffed a tournament while still drunk (then hungover) from the night before.

5. Leslie Newcombe
Leslie is the TD I've mostly encountered at McMaster, but this ranking can be extended to most of the McMaster leadership, who generally do a good job, and were extraordinarily well-organized back when I was starting out (ie. they hosted pretty much everything).

6. Shelby Robert
Led uOttawa in becoming a tour de force in the community. Ran Ottawa Hybrid, one of the best tourneys produced. And she's just great!

7. Kira Vimal
An able and competent staffer, but I'm ranking her highly because /everyone/ actually likes Kira, which is pretty much impossible. Too bad she hates quizbowl.

8. Meghan "Megha" Torchia
Runs a lot of tournaments at Toronto. They're usually decent, I think? At least she's better than Rein. Should consider giving lunch.

9. Brian "Bri Bri" McNamara
Great staffer, ran a couple of tournaments competently for Waterloo. Thinks too highly of himself. Whereabouts currently unknown.

10. Christine "Xtine" Irwin
Shows up often, performs her duties well. In some ways, she can be thought of as the bridge that connected Waterloo with Ottawa. In other ways, not so much. She was also my veep!
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Calculus? »


NB: Most of these rankings are based on my own scope of experience. I left out some people who both staff and play because I want to pay attention to the more staffing-oriented people here. Some of these people weren't active this year but oh well.

1. Joe Su -- This man staffs/runs so many tournaments for so little compensation that I'm completely perplexed by it. The QB version of a triple-threat (TD, moderator, statskeeper).

2. Ming-Ho Yee -- I know he hasn't directed anything this year (he played something though?) which is why he's not ranked first but it's not possible to leave him out of a staffer ranking. Excellent TD and overall human.

3. Meghan Torchia -- Yes I ranked myself pretty high and I'm not going to apologize for anything. Would rank myself higher if I bought my own staffers lunch and if I were less belligerent.

4. Aaron Dos Remedios -- Aaron staffs a lot and is an excellent moderator and person. Also gives a lot of rides to things in his car (he has the Rare Skill of knowing how to drive) which is great. As I recall he used to TD a lot for us before I/Rein started running Toronto tournaments and they were always done well. Catch him TDing VETO 2017, August 12th at 8/7c!

5. Leslie Newcombe -- I can't remember what she's TD'd but staffs a lot for me and does a good job. Also gives rides and is a nice person.

6. Rico Catibog -- Rico has described himself as something like "bringer of cookies and all-round nice guy", which is highly accurate. Not only does he staff almost everything Toronto runs, but he travels with us as a moderator to almost everything we go to, along with his buzzers. Noted provider of excellent games such as "Name That Tune" and "Blockbusters".

7. Nick Penner -- Always does a good job TDing stuff for Carleton, and organized my favourite tournament to date, COTTAGE Bowl. Has not staffed much for me (due to proximity) but I have always enjoyed attending his tournaments. Generally a very fun guy to be around as well.

8. Faith Barrett -- AFAIK Faith is the only Canadian to oversee the production of a housewrite that wasn't a complete trainwreck and more people should be reminded of that.

9. Shelby Robert -- I haven't seen her in a while but always did a good job TDing and appeared to run the Ottawa club well. As Arjun said, oversaw Ottawa Hybrid back when it was successful which is a Feat.

10. Brian Luong -- I'm putting him here because he also staffs a bunch of stuff for me and has given me/others a lot of rides. I do not know him well but he seems nice and I trust Leslie's judgement.

Academic Players

Look I don't have the attention span for this. Derek is the best Canadian quizbowl player. Honourable mentions go to everyone on Toronto A, as well as Anubhav Srivastava, for whom I would sell the entirety of the aforementioned players to Satan. Honourable mention also to Zhenglin Liu who will probably yell at me if I don't write about him.
Meghan Torchia
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Sygyt/Kargyraa »

This took way too long.

N.B. I don’t think any of my rankings beyond the top 3 make any sense but here are a bunch of irrelevant comments.
1. Derek So: Have I ever played against this guy?
2. Aayush Rajasekaran: I don’t want to put Rein as the best Toronto player.
3. Rein Dylan Otsason: What can I say? It seems ENGINEERING SCIENCE teaches you something.
4. Aaron Dos Remedios: I don’t remember playing academic tournaments against him, but he IS good.
5. Cooper Albertson-Webb: I wish I could be as good as he is in the areas of lit that I like. Also he did Classics in high school which is >>>>>>
6. Ian Dewan: This man and his collared shirts are the reason I’m always terrified to play Ottawa.
7. Huma Zafar: A mysterious and powerful individual, even considering her alleged loss of a high schooler.
8. Dennis Beeby: Also mysterious and allegedly powerful.
9. Daniel Lovsted: One of the numerous Linguistics Olympiad alumni who’re incredibly good at Quizbowl – sadly my weeks of doing Reach at UTS never overlapped with his Reach career.
10. Akhil Garg: A blessed presence by whom I have never been graced.
11. Faheem Pahlwan: Between him and Jacky Li I feel like York could produce a fairly strong team next year.
12. Patrick Liao: He goes to the same school as me but I don’t think I ever played anything against him except that one practice where I negged something with “edict” and everyone yelled at me.
13. Chris William Antony Sims: Our knowledge of and taste in auditory arts seems completely not to overlap except like in Richard Strauss operas.
14. Cameron Amini: Was really good when I played him in the summer, and his past seems illustrious from what I know of it.
15. Erik Christensen: I don’t quite know what he’s good at, but it’s a lot of stuff, and mostly stuff I don’t know.
16. Anubhav Srivastava: Was known to me as a science god during his brief time at UofT, now known to me as MOST SHAMEFUL TRAITOR.
17. Paul Kasinski: Very excited for his return to UofT next year! Also generally pleasant presence at UofT practices. Once roasted me for not coming to practice, like, ever.
18. Joe Su: Again, haven’t played him, but I trust that my fratello stupido knows his science.
19. Chris Lionel: Seems like a nice guy and has been playing for a very long time. I have no recollections of our match at the summer HSNCT mirror.
20. Leslie Newcombe: Yet another successful classicist-quizbowller!
21. Nick Sunderland: Inexplicably roasted me during a Toronto practice he came to.
22. Andrej Vukovic: Also really good when I played against him in the summer. Is an up-and-coming academic?
23. Zhenglin Liu: My tournament performance seems entirely contingent on getting a cold sugary coffee-based drink at some point during the day.
24. Ted Gan: My fellow mechanical engineer! Appears to know science, unlike me.
25. Peter Liu: Again, I don’t remember much of playing on his team at VETO, but it was Blessed and he seemed to know his stuff.
Zhenglin Liu
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Lighthouse Expert Elinor DeWire »

This is a tough ranking to tackle. I used some magic formula to balance things like specialism/generalism, scaleability, etc, without looking into non-playing related skills like how good they are at reading or how nice they are as a person. A common question I ask is: Would I rather be a trio without player Z's categories and play with player Z, or a trio without player W's categories and play with player W? I also tend to weigh less people's inherent variability based on things unrelated to knowledge. The main collegiate poll is on a strictly nationals level, while this poll looks at a more varied level of play, especially in the lower rankings.

1) Derek So - I don't think there's any debate here. Derek has gone from a lit specialist to a high level non-science generalist. He has also gotten a lot better at "Quizbowl IQ" over the years, and that showed during our ICT wins against Columbia and WUSTL as well as throughout WAO where he played on a two person team with a science specialist. Derek's improvement in history, to the level where he makes Jay constantly on his toes, is probably what makes this pick so quick for me. Thanks me for playing "strip nhbb with the team" all of summer 2015.

The next two picks are incredibly close. I am honoured to be able to play with them again at CO this year.

2) Rein Otsason - Rein is what you would expect in a high level science specialist, most notably splitting the science with Northwestern at ICT (all in power) and Nats. He also has some deep knowledge of film, thought, and can surprise the whole room with an early buzz on other topics. Rein would probably not beat anyone else in the top 10 at an ACF Fall 1v1, but I think the fact that he can score 40 points a game at any level overshadows that. Rein also led his SCT and ICT teams in powers and his TTC team. Out of everyone in the top 10, Rein suffers the most from not being able to recover from early pressure, as evident from his WAO performance against a much weaker team. However, this has not happened since.

3) Jay Mikel Misuk - Jay remains a mid/high-level generalist who is better at NAQT stuff and certainly the best low level player. Probably the best World social studies player in Canada. At higher levels, Jay buzzes a bit more but later than Rein. However, the answer to my question in the preamble is Rein.

4) Patrick "Gluten" Liao - 2 gets and 4 negs the morning of ACF Nationals? Come on, Patrick. Still a very good player at his topics, though.

5) Aayush Rajasekaran - Aayush's level of generalism below that of Jay hurts his ranking compared to his teammate, but still has a respectable showing with his categories. Probably the second best low level player after Jay.

6) Aaron Dos Remedios - As Ted said, Aaron has a very high level of Quizbowl IQ. Aaron is a very good, but very late generalist at every level, but unlike the 3 players listed above, lacks the depth in any particular topic.

These next two players are similar in the size and depth of the distribution they know, a more expanded specialist able to buzz in at any regular difficulty category.

7) Daniel Lovsted - This is probably the hardest player on the list to evaluate because of Derek's shadow effect. Daniel led the same team to 2nd place at EFT and 1st place at Penn Bowl (which Toronto A wrote and was not playing) where he was top scorer. Daniel scales up well when you compare Fall to Regionals for example, but still needs to make that transition to a nationals level player. He'd be higher with better ICT results.

8) Ian Dewan - Ian is a specialist in Science and the Arts who's skill is often underlooked because he's either was in Dennis's shadow, or that his current teammates aren't good enough to give him the W. He played incredibly well with Rafael at the TTC mirror, filling a life sciences niche that the Columbian Giant lacked. Daniel and Ian are very similar players in terms of their distribution size and depth. Daniel was ranked higher due to outscoring Ian at Penn Bowl with better teammates and more overlap from these teammates.

These next four players are all History/Geo/CE players who can lead a team.

9) Dennis Beeby - Dennis has unfortunately gotten worse with age and inactivity. I would have ranked him above Ian and Daniel last year.

10) Sam Challen - Sam has played just enough tournaments to remain eligible, and continues to be a powerhouse at History/Geo/CE, leading Penn Bowl in powers. With more tournaments under his belt, his ranking could be higher, but there isn't enough data.

11) Erik Christensen - Erik is probably the most improved player from last year, having to fill multiple categories after Aayush's departure. However, his performances have not reflected a higher ranking.

12) Paul Kasinski - Paul had impressibe showings at WAO, EMT, and TTC. At WAO, he had the most powers on the team despite being the 3rd scorer. He beat Rein at EMT albiet an easy tournament, and he, like Ian, provided valuable help to Rafael at TTC.

These next five players have not risen up to a high level as compared to the above and are similar in role and generalist skill level

13) Cameron Amini - Cameron has fallen since graduating high school, but is still has deep history knowledge. Not doing so well at HIT/FRENCH hurts this ranking.

14) Chris Sims - The new kid on the block is hitting hard. Very good numbers at the easy tournaments this season and held his head high for ACF Nationals too. Came

15) Faheem Pahlwan - Faheem continues to be a all around good player, despite taking more of a backseat to playing tournaments this year.

16) Peter Liu - Peter continues to be a all around good player, despite taking more of a backseat to playing tournaments this year.

17) Chris Lionel - Chris continues to be a good player at science, history, and trash. Had similar numbers to the other Chris at SCT and was outscored at ACF Fall.

The remaining players are either weaker generalists or narrower specialists.

18) Akhil Garg - Akhil has set aside quizbowl for medical school this season. He continues to buzz very early on the life sciences and also knows a thing or two about economics.

19) Huma Zafar - Huma is getting worse and worse the more she is removed from being an active player. She seems to be losing overall lit specialism for more of what she actually cares about. However, she is still quite strong at her subjects.

20) Zhenglin Liu - Zhenglin is a growing specialist in arts and classics that will continue to improve.

21) Me - I got the last two tossups against Columbia, but more importantly, got my team to stall the clock down as to ensure the victory.

22) Andrej Vukovic - Andrej has quite a few larger pockets of deep knowledge but weaker as a generalist.

23) Jack Guo - So if Daniel is shadowed by Derek, Jack is shadowed by everyone else on his team. He's actually pretty good as seen in his performances at EMT and Penn Bowl, and was one of the high scorers at ACF Fall without any shadow effect, putting up Adam/Leslie like numbers at that tournament. Unfortunately, his showings at SCT and TTC were less than stellar. Vulched every question at Regionals.

24) Adam Swift - Knows his share of the canon at a low level, but generally unable to to win games.

25) Leslie Newcombe - Knows his share of the canon at a low level, but generally unable to to win games.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Peter13 »

Aaron Manby (ironmaster) wrote: 25) Leslie Newcombe - Knows his share of the canon at a low level, but generally unable to to win games.
There seems to be something wrong with your logic there Joe.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by everdiso »

I'm basing these rankings on Nationals difficulty (or, in general, the harder tournaments), and, like Joe, on how much marginal value the player would have in being added to a team, not on how good they would be at soloing.

1. Derek So
I've never played with him and only occasionally played against him, so I feel like I have nothing to add here.

2. Jay Mishuk
The start of three very close players. Jay's a great history player whose knowledge extends across many eras and different parts of the world, with a particular love for small islands and little-known ancient civilisations. His excellent History Obscenity side event demonstrated his knowledge of relevant areas of history that the canon tends to forget. Jay is also terrific at geography, has a Masters in linguistics and is a good classical music player, along with having picked up lots of stock knowledge over his long career. Jay played fantastically at WAO and very well at the two national tournaments (though he negged too much at ICT) which, when taking into account the overlap with Patrick, put him tops on Toronto A for me. Incredibly upset that I have not been able to play either of his highly-acclaimed Reach tournaments 

3. Aayush Rajasekaran
Aayush has a reputation for having tons of canon knowledge but relatively less real knowledge, and therefore for doing amazingly at easy tournaments but only solidly at harder ones. This was definitely somewhat true in the past, and as his destruction of the E.M.T. set shows he still knows his (colossal) share of the canon at a low level, but since Toronto's superteam was formed he's worked hard to deepen his knowledge of lit and myth (with science no longer being his responsibility, thanks to Rein), and the results have most certainly shown. Still gets the fewest powers on the team, but has probably the widest knowledge and gets the most 10s, and also doesn't neg very much, which is extremely important.

4. Rein Otsason
Rein has fantastic knowledge of physics and philosophy, is pretty good at the other sciences, has good G.K. Knowledge (e.g. knowing a lot of shit about, like, companies) and occasionally gets some random sick history or current events questions. (He's also good at myth, which I only realised when he finally played sans Aayush at E.M.T..) He often buzzes extremely aggressively, especially on physics and philosophy questions. However, many of these early buzzes go wrong and cost his team, to the point where Rein's proclivity for negging has become a meme on the Canadian circuit. Many people, me included, urged him this year to become more cautious with his buzzing, because of the frequency of his negging and the fact that he just about never got beaten to physics or philosophy by anyone other than himself (aside from that one time I beat him to a tossup on neutrons despite barely knowing what a neutron is, which I won't ever let him forget). Rein, however, persisted because he argued that his aggressive buzzing was good practice for facing higher-quality opposition at the national tournaments in April. He then went out and completely vindicated that approach with a pair of excellent and not-overly-neggy performances at ICT and Nats. He's ranked below Jay and Aayush mostly due to a very poor (and very overly neggy) performance at WAO, but these three are really extremely close.

5. Dennis Beeby
Starting law school at Queen's this year, Dennis hasn't played all that much, and has instead focused more on his studies and on successfully starting to resurrect the moribund Q.B. program at Queen's. Back when he was still playing regularly last summer, Dennis was fantastic at Listory, with the most 10s and very few negs, albeit fewer powers than the other elite history players. WAO was his only high-level tournament this year: he did well but again with not many powers, and considering his poor teammates, I'm dropping him below Jay for that. Inactivity means that this ranking is less certain, though, so he might well be better than Jay or worse than Sam.

6. Patrick Liao
Patrick might've been as high as second on this list a year ago, but he's slipped since then - probably due to the fact that he's come to literally about three practices sonce September (while also getting Called to the Bar every Thursday night). He was terrific at Listory and killed WAO, but did worse at TTIAC and struggled badly at Nationals morning. He's incredibly good at specific historical topics, especially the World Wars; with his inactivity, he seems to have slipped to being basically a specialist at "his" areas without getting much other history, though part of that, of course, is due to overlap with Jay. He still dominates those, though, and put up good numbers at ICT and in the afternoon at Nats.

7. Daniel Lovsted
Daniel was an arch-nemesis of mine in our Reach days, and we went at each other many great times, with each of us winning a bunch, so it pains me to put him so high above me here... But it's true. His performance at Penn Bowl, high-scoring despite playing with Jack, a good player who knows the exact same categories, was remarkable, and when the overlap with Derek and Jack is taken into account, he did well at Regs, SCT and I C.T., too. And despite others' claims and his own admission that he doesn't do well at harder difficulties, he actually had a very good day at T.T.I.A.C., scoring well with no negs while playing with Derek and Jack.

8. Ian Dewan
Ian made waves by easily top-scoring at Regionals, but he was playing on a weak team and cretainly picked up points he normally wouldn't have. However, even so, that performance was highly, impressive, and he backed it up the following month at T.T.I.A.C.. Playing with Rafael, an amazing science and fine arts player, Ian, himself a science and fine arts player, still managed three powers and a solid scoreline. If he hadn't been shadowed by the best player at the tournament, he would likely have been among the leading scorers. As did Joe, I'm putting him behind Daniel because slightly fewer points with less overlap made his Penn Bowl performance clearly worse - but it was still terrific. Excited to play with them both at the Chicago Open.

9. Sam Challen
Sam hasn't played much this year, but he was great at both E.F.T. and Penn Bowl when he played. I remember constantly being impressed by how much better than me he was at ""my"" stuff as I read for him at Penn Bowl. He's definitely one of the best history players on the circuit, but he and Cameron have both played so little that ranking them is a bit of a crapshoot.

10. Cameron Amini
Another great history player who hasn't played much this year. Had the most powers at Listory and did very well at E.F.T. He'd probably be above Sam if not for his reportedly poor FRENCH performance, but that event did have an unusual distribution that focused on things Cameron knows less, so perhaps it's not too fair to judge him by it. I've played against him only a handful of times but I don't think I've beaten him to a single history tossup. This ranking would have more confidence if he played stuff.

11. Aaron Dos Remedios
This feels far too low for Aaron, and he would be much, mugh higher - top 5 easily - if this weren't being made for Nats difficulty. He has great knowledge of lit and some other subjects - basically, all of the areas that I don't know - but most of it is stock knowledge, so it helps less at higher difficulties, where he usually can't get questions until pretty late. Still very reliable at doing that at high difficulties, though.

12. Cooper "Albertson"-Webb
Cooper is a good lit player who also gets lots of points from other subjects. His strength in literature is the 19th-century English romantic poets, but he has read a good variety of works and has some knowledge of things he hasn't read. Outside of lit, he's solid at early modern European history, especially Russian, and at philosophy, especially, from what I recall, continental. And he just has good assorted academic knowledge, often picking up points here and there in varied categories. Gets every Max Weber question ever despite not having read anything by him.

13. Anath Lionel
I've never played with Anath, so I'm don't know him as a player that well, but he's a doctor (or med student?) who seems very good at life sciences. Other people say he's also good at history, though I haven't seen him get much of that. He's put up good numbers in the few tournaments he's played, and though I've never seen him play a hard one, I imagine that years of med school would translate to fantastically deep knowledge of life science. Calls me "Paul the Polish Dragon" because he witnessed me power the only myth question I've ever gotten in my life.

14. Akhil Garg
Another Indian life science player I haven't seen play much - even less than Anath, in fact. He was good on those few occasions, though, and puts up good numbers. Also has an admirable appreciation for the Bants. Hope he finds time to play more this summer/next year.

15. Zhenglin Liu
Zhenglin himself will strongly object to being ranked this high, so allow me to Justify. Recall that I'm ranking based on a) Nationals difficulty and b) marginal value to a team as opposed to soloing ability. And Zhenglin's value rises significantly under both of those parameters, because he has some of the deepest, most specific knowledge that I've ever seen. I remember being repeatedly amazed at Regionals 2016, when he one-lined countless classical music tossups (despite playing on a team with Faheem!!) and once knew a myth tossup on the first line that it took Aayush almost to the FTP to figure out. He doesn't score fantastically on easier difficulties, as he can't expand much beyond his Italian classical music/myth wheelhouse, but he still dominates those areas on hard stuff. He also knows Chinese history, some classics (U.T.S.) and occasional lit, and is in fact trying to make himself into a lit player, but I think he might have a better shot in science seeing as he's an engineering student.

16. Erik Christensen
Christie, Christie, Christie… What to say. A very good history player, with a good diversity of knowledge across times and places, meaning that he often tells me interesting stuff about older things that I don't know. His planning major unfortunately almost never comes up in quizbowl, but he kills it when it does, and I once 30d a planning bonus entirely through knowledge gained from talking to Erik. He also knows jazz and some philosophy and has been gradually picking up stock knowledge in other categories (though not science). I started playing trivia with him over half a decade ago, so I have a lot of great memories with him, especially from Reach back with Martingrove. His Div II team might scare the shit out of me next year.

17. Peter Liu
I'm actually surprised that Peter Liu was even eligible for this poll, because I literally didn't see him once between playing him at this year's MUT and having tell me some of the strangest political opinions I've ever heard at last year's iteration. He apparently played E.F.T., though, probably by accident, so here he is. As he often does, Peter had some insane history one-lines at that tournament. They were also what have come to be known as Peter Liu Powers - he would buzz, look really worried, sit in silence for 5 seconds and, at the last moment, say an answer with zero confidence only for it to turn out to be right. Peter is also very good at visual art. I somehow expected his stats to be better for E.M.T. because of how much he knows/how sick his buzzes against me were, but on second thought, he was playing with Erik, so there was major overlap. I hope he plays a lot more next year - though him joining Waterloo for Div II could be a huge obstacle in Toronto B's path.

18. Faheem Pahlwan
I played both my first ever and my both recent quizball tournaments with Faheem. He's been a constant (or, sometimes, a concept) at U of T during my time here, so it'll be weird to be without him next year. Faheem's a good lit player with amazing knowledge of 19th century British novelists, especially his Boy Charles Dickens, and he's also great at classical music and pretty good at visual art. He's a good team player who never steps on his teammates' toes by negging them out of their categories. A year ago he would've been higher, but infrequent practice attendance this year resulted in some tournament performances that fell below his usual standard. If he gets back into things and does wind up doing law school at Queen's, he could provide great support to Dennis on their suddenly strong A team.

19. Paul Kasiński
I'm a history player, I guess, but that seems like a generous term for me, seeing as I know less about pre-1789 history than do most non-history players. I have excellent knowledge of modern history, though, with my main strengths being the World Wars and political history, and that modern knowledge has a good geographic diversity. Outside of history (and its sister topics, geo and current events), though, I don't get much; I know some economics (I used to study it) and occasional classical music, art, linguistics and philosophy, but really not a lot. I've also read a handful of books that I always get when they come up (except for when I neg my favourite book in a tournament-deciding game because I can't remember its name :( ), but I'm overall useless at lit. I'd be below the next guy on the list at easier difficulties, but my narrow-but-deep knowledge style plays better at Nats difficulty. I like quizball but I miss Reach.

20. Christopher Stims
I first became acquainted with Stims through Reach, where he earned his nickname with one of the most wonderfully aggressive playing styles that I've ever seen. He used his great knowledge to buzz incredibly early on a vast number of questions, with some unbelievable connecting-the-dots moments. He played my favourite trivia game the way I wanted to but couldn't quite, and was one of the best Reach players I've ever seen, perhaps behind only Rein and Sam Cookson. Many great reach players don't take to quizbowl that well (see Greig, Ian, Greig, Mark, McQuattie, Kieran), but Stims immediately showed himself to be great. He's a very good history player with some really deep knowledge, and he's also good at classical music, particularly Germanic (the good kind). He's put up some amazing numbers this year, and his powering all 4 history tossups in a Penn Bowl pack with three history player teammates was maybe the most impressive thing I've seen all year. Most of those good numbers came at easy tournaments, though, and his bad T.T.I.A.C. performance (and underwhelming Regionals one) makes me think that he's weaker at harder difficulties. He'll quickly improve there, though. He also negs too much, which he needs to curtail for next year. His good knowledge of varied history and his classical music knowledge make him the early favourite to replace Jay on the A team for ACF next year.

21. Huma Zafar
An interesting one to rank. The old guard seem to have enormous respect for her lit ability: Aayush once told me that side events, with their lack of stock clues, allow real knowledge to shine through, and that they therefore show "how much better than (him) at lit Huma actually is", while Cooper once described some tournament as having lit questions so hard that they were no fun to play "unless you're someone really good, like Huma". And yet, playing with her in practice and at T.T.I.A.C., this hasn't really been visible. She's good at lit, sure, but she's no superstar, and there are clearly better lit players on the Canadian circuit. So I think Joe's assessment of her is probably basically right: that her drop in activity in recent years has caused her to lose canon knowledge so that, for the most part, she now just gets stuff she actually likes/cares about. Which is still quite a bit, so she's still good, but it's nowhere near enough to make her still an elite lit player. Also a C.S. monster who one-lines tossups off of clues about "online zoos", which is pretty fucking cool. #Justice4GavinGao

22. Adam Swift
Adam does have a lot of canon knowledge, but he also has real history knowledge, especially in American history, where I've seen him get some amazing powers. He usually puts up high P.P.G.s, but also usually plays on pretty weak teams. I've never played on a team with him and never played in a practice with him, so I don't have that much more to add, but I do want to reminisce about the game I played against Rochester in my first ever tournament, when Rico read and said some wild shit, some random Russian people called Meghan's cell phone midway through the game and in general all of us spent the whole time laughing like crazy (except for Faheem, because he hadn't researched the laughing ability yet). It was excellent.

23. Joe "Joe Su" Su
Joe's in grad school for some sort of life science, and is therefore good at biology. He got lots of science tossups when we played WAO together, but had no powers all tournament, which was disappointing for someone who has such deep academic knowledge of a quizbowl field. He did, however, solo-30 a bonus that was apparently on "exactly what I'm studying". Joe's also a good classical music player with very good knowledge of Mozart and Beethoven, though he incorrectly doesn't like the Grosse Fugue.

24. Leslie "Joe Su" Newcombe
Leslie is one of those players whose knowledge areas I can't quite pin dwon other than being… Not my areas. She seems good at bio (often gets science questions that Rein doesn't know in practice), myth, social science and rando lit. Joe is right in that she mostly just has canon knowledge, but I think that good bio knowledge is actually real (she has a degree in evolutionary biology or something) and her canon knowledge is not only at a low level - she helped us get lots of 20s on Nats bonuses at practice the other day, is one really anecdotal thing that I'll mention here because I've never played on her team in a tournament.

25. Ted Gan
I've almost never seen Ted play. I don't know what he's good at except that it's… Not what I'm good at (so some combination of non-history topics). I feel like this is too low for him based on what I've heard, but I know so little about him as a QB player that I'm putting him dwon here based mostly on other people's ballots. Sorry, Ted, you're probably getting shafted by this ranking.

I also feel like Anubhav Srivastava belongs on this list, from the enormous amount of science I've seen him get (and how often he's outscored me, which, come to think of it, makes it highly dubious that I'm 20th and he isn't on the list at all), and I excluded Andrej Vuković for the same lame reason as I likely underrated Ted: I've almost never seen him play and know almost nothing about him as a player. Nick Sunderland has beaten me to a million questions and outscored me in many tournaments. His boy Isaac Thiessen was a good FRENCH teammate despite only sort of being a history player, has good classical music and gets lots of other rando cool questions. Jack Guo also killed it at Fall, so he should probably be on here somewhere, and Henry and Austen from McGill are Enigmatic but high-scoring and also would likely be here if I saw them play, like, ever. I also probably ommitted some others who totally belong.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

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Top 20 Trash Players-- I'm including previous years as well. I won't rank myself.

1. Aaron Dos Remedios
Having played with and against Aaron in several trash tournaments it is clear he is the best trash player often leading the field in PPG by 10 or 20 points while winning tournaments. Aaron is especially good at popular music and while having a weakness in Sports, I have seen him get the occasional sports bonus based on probably just glancing at the sports section once in a while. In the two film tournaments which he has played along with people that specialize in that area (Andrew, Shervin and Christine), he was still able to shine

2.Brian Mcnamara- plays in the America circuit but saw him single handedly beat teams at an Eliza Grimes tournament a while ago. Scored 50 ppg at Chicago Open at his site too.

3.Brendan Mckendy
I often bother Brendan to play with me at trash tournaments because having him on my team usually means we have a good chance at competing. Though our knowledge sometimes overlaps at Trash, Brendan is able to buzz in with less trashy. Brendan has a long list of knowledge of films and popular music. He also keeps track of the Big 4 leagues at different levels (very good at Hockey and quite decent at basketball knowledge). Being the head editor of Ottawa Hybrid and still a contributor has probably also improved his knowledge over the years.

4.. Nick Penner
The Big Daddy of Trash knows about all the sports, but I would also consider him to be an all around generalist at trash. His knowledge is also displayed through writing Cottage Bowl by himself. I enjoy Cottage Bowl because Nick makes sure to include other trash especially television unlike Acronym which is just newer stuff.

5. Xtine Irwin- Christine seems to have a really extensive knowledge of certain types of tv shows and older movies + trashy things in general. Best Pokémon knowledge in the circuit and beat my team to a final once on a tie-breaker tossup about the Left Shark at Katy Perry's halftime show.

6. Miran Terzic- Don't know hi, but based off stats at both Acronym and CO trash seems like a very strong player.

7.Derek So
At regular trash tournaments Derek does not shine as much as he does in regular quizbowl, but his recent performance at FLOREAT shows his one huge strength. Derek is by far the best film player in the Canadian circuit, more than doubled the next highest scorer.Also seems to have a decent knowledge of some music- Hip Hop.

8. Paul Kasinski- I haven't played against him that many times in Trash tournaments but has decent knowledge of Sports and had good showing at Acronym this year . Shout out to Paul for helping in last minute editing of Hybrid this year.

9.Janusz Gacek
Janusz is not as active as he has been in the past but every time I played him I was not sure what to expect. Janusz is quick on the buzzer and have seen him get -25 against one of my teams as well as 90 points. Seems to be well rounded by knowing Sports, Music and other stuff. Had a sick one liner about the Bernic Mac impression from College Dropout at the hip-hop side event which he also won.

10. Aayush Rajasekaran - Aayush is able to overcome his basicness to have pretty good showings at different tournaments. Can probably beat anybody at a Carrie Underwood question. Was surprised about his film knowledge when he scrimmaged on a couple of rounds of FLOREAT, he probably could have done well if he played the tournament. Always guesses NBA tossups with Dikembe Motumbo.

11. Henry Atkins- I've played against him a couple of times and he seems to be able to lead a Derek-less McGill team at various tournaments. Good performance at CO trash which is hard.

12. Heather Gordon- She's generally been able to lead teams with a good PPG, shines in tournaments that do not have any sports.

13. Adam Swift- Adam probably has the most rounded sports knowledge in the Canadian circuit- I think he tortures himself by watching something called College Football. I can only beat him at NBA tossups and he had a really good showing at ACRONYM which I assume occurred because he beat everybody at sports.

14. Erik Christensen- extensive film and music knowledge. Displayed his deep niche knowledge through his Madman tournament. Did really well at the Hip Hop and Film side tournament.

15. Sheridan Baker- He hasn't played in a couple of years, but I always had a hard time against his wacky McMaster team. His team might have enjoyed the current era of Canadian quizbowl in which trash tournaments are plentiful.

16. Jay Misuk- Niche player but is good at that niche- hasn't played with top players at trash tournaments which might inflate his stats a bit.

16. Shervin Ghiami- Shervin has improved as a trash player over the last two years, at first only helping out with film. Was very helpful in helping my team win Cottage Bowl . His niche knowledge of certain things shined at Mad Man, Hip Hop Tournament and Film side events.

17. Cooper Albertson-Webb- Decent showing at CO trash.

18. Duncan Chalmers- Decent showing at Acronym. Have played against him before and was beat to a couple of things I like.

19. Jenny Mao- Don't know her but had decent showings at Acronym and CO trash.

20.. Julian Bosse- Has played with some strong players in the past which probably brought stats a bit down, pretty good general knowledge of films, some sports and tv.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

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Academic Rankings

1. Derek So

Not much needs to be said here. You only have to look at the stats to see that he is the best player in the circuit. Derek is well versed in multiple categories, with a profound knowledge in both literature and science. He is excellent at converting bonuses and has unreal reflexes, which helps him get questions even outside his expertise against weaker teams. He gets bonus points for being a very humble player, not that he needs any. Only the dream team that is Toronto A has prevented him from winning more tournaments.

2. Rein Otsason

Routinely the top scorer within his team, Rein is proficient both in the sciences (mostly physics) and the social sciences. He has the reputation for negging more than most, but Rein makes up for these lost points by frequently one-lining and two-lining questions in his field. A very animated player, Rein has unreal concentration, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

3. Aayush Rajasekaran

Aayush’s knowledge of the canon and his buzzer reflexes makes him indispensable at lower levels, where he usually shines in myth, literature and the sciences Rein doesn’t get. Aayush actually scored more at Nationals than Rein, which illustrates his skill at higher levels. Very close to Rein for me in skill, another year the two might be ranked differently.

4. Jay Misuk

Despite not having the same broad knowledge as Rein and Aayush, Jay is exceptional at history and geography and can cover his fair share in lesser topics. I have noticed that Jay is good at getting ‘experimental tossups’ like description acceptable questions, but there is no evidence to support this claim. Jay sometimes gets a little eager and negs quite a bit. I’d have to put Jay a level beneath Rein and Aayush, but has still put in some excellent performances this year.

5. Ian Dewan

Huge bias from me, having had the privilege of playing with Ian for nearly three years. Ian has developed immensely over the course of this year, broadening his knowledge and cementing his already unreal knowledge in British culture. Ian’s knowledge of Shakespeare is simply unbelievable. Ian’s ranking here will no doubt be met with skepticism as he has had the burden of being paired with weak teammates, but despite this managed to qualify for Nationals virtually on his own. It will be interesting to see how he fares at Carleton next year.

6. Dennis Beeby

Though he has played the bare minimum of tournaments this season, Dennis is still an unreal player and is able to lead teams with his exceptional knowledge of world history and the social sciences. He can even get science questions at lower levels, which makes him an all around great player. My favorite memory of Dennis was when he scored 11 tossups against Rein, Aayush(skyped in) and Patrick at Listory last year. Any team with Dennis is simply guaranteed to be competitive.

7. Daniel Lovsted

At McGill, Daniel definitely plays second fiddle to Derek, but nevertheless still gets quite a few tossups in literature, and is capable of leading teams as is evidenced by his performances at EFT and Penn Bowl. Daniel is consistent too, and he is often crucial in fumbling for the right answer to bonuses. Bonus points for being the sexiest man in the circuit.

8. Patrick Liao

A tier below his Toronto teammates for me, but still exceptional at most levels. Patrick had a relatively poor showing at Nationals, and his PPG probably suffers because of Jay and Rein’s knowledge in History, but don’t be fooled, Patrick is good enough to play at the highest levels and has been an iconic figure in the circuit for years.

9. Erik Christensen

Erik has routinely been in the top 10 scorers for lower level tournaments in the circuit, and for that reason deserves mention among the circuit’s legends. On stronger teams, Erik gets squeezed out when his knowledge overlaps with others, but still gets points in random questions. Erik was unlucky not to qualify for Nationals and had a very strong showing at Regionals. Great year for him, but in subsequent years he may not rank as highly.

10. Sam Challen

Again, huge bias here because Sam is the reason I even got into QB, but Sam knows an unbelievable amount about his niche areas of history. Pretty much everything we do somehow leads to him telling us an obscure history tale. You can see this expertise in his incredible Penn Bowl stats. Sam has devoted his time to Model UN, and for this reason has only barely qualified here. If Sam had chosen to hone his skills towards Quizbowl, I think he would be among the ranks of Rein and Aayush.

11. Chris Sims

Gets a high ranking for his excellent performance at Nationals which suggests he is one of those players that gets even better as the difficulty goes up. Very nice guy, gets the nod over Zhenglin for having a higher PPG.

12. Zhenglin Liu

Zhenglin too gets a high ranking this year for his performance at Nationals. Also a very nice guy, and the more animated of the two which makes him a joy to play against. Very clutch as well, and pulls bonuses out of thin air sometimes.

13. Joe Su

Joe’s activity within the quizbowl community means that he has a great knowledge of the canon, and he routinely gets tossups in science and music. Even though Joe is overshadowed by Derek and Daniel in most cases, he is very good at converting bonuses and rarely makes mistakes when buzzing. Negs little, but doesn’t seem to power often. His skill level and experience makes him a perfect third/fourth player at McGill.

14. Paul Kasinski

A Reach classic man, Paul has made a very fluid transition to mid level Quizbowl. Paul knows plenty about History and can get random questions in minor categories as well. You won’t see Paul topping the scorer charts but is great at getting clutch tossups early and converting bonuses. Like Joe, Paul’s experience makes him a good team player for regular difficulty tournaments especially.

15. Cameron Amini

An unreal player back in High School but his comparative inactivity and my relative unfamiliarity with his playstyle hasn’t helped his position in this ranking. Had an impressive performance at Oxford Open this year, given his propensity towards history, but hasn’t showed up to much since graduating from Colonel By. Hopefully, with Ian on his team next year, Carleton, and by extension Cameron, will thrive next year.

16. Aaron Dos Remedios

I am undervaluing ADR’s skill at academic tournaments, but Aaron’s experience and combined knowledge in multiple areas means he is one of the better teammates to have. Suffers in this ranking for me as I chose to highlight players that competed in closed tournaments, but still one of the better all-rounded players in the circuit.

17. Chris Lionel

I don’t know this person but his stats suggest he is a very talented player.

18. Faheem Pahlwan

I don’t know Faheem personally but I have seen him absolutely destroy at music and science. Like Chris L, Faheem’s ranking might be higher if I was more familiar with his playing. Still, stats show that he is a valuable player at mid+ levels.

19. Cooper Albertson-Webb

A very mature and humble player, Cooper had a great performance at Regionals this year. He seems to know a lot about ‘Humanities’ questions, which in most packets covers like half the questions. Like the last two players I ranked, Cooper’s position here suffers because of my lack of exposure to his playing.

20. Adam Swift

A champion of the canon for me, I still have great memories of seeing Adam solo tournaments when Rochester was a fledgling quizbowl power. Don’t be fooled by his relatively average stats, Adam knows at least a little about virtually every topic, and is very skilled at all levels of play. Occasionally gets great tossups, and has a very high Quizbowl IQ which helps his teams snag tougher bonuses and experimental questions.

21. Anubhav Srivastava

An excellent science player, and helped Waterloo a ton at Fall and Regionals. Still a young player, so we might be seeing Anubhav for a while still. I’m unconvinced of the breadth of his knowledge, which hampers him in these rankings.

22. Andrej Vukovic

The first time I was crushed in QB was at novice a few years, where Andrej was scoring like 80 PPG. Andrej has put in some great performances in a few tournaments this year, but has seemingly declined because of Carleton’s ongoing transition and status as a QB school. Like his fellow high school graduates, can still improve dramatically if he so wishes.

23. Jack Guo

I can hardly ignore his excellent performance at Fall, but drops off at higher levels. Jack can get questions of pretty much any category it seems, and was a good rotation player for McGill this year.

24. Hugh “Hu Ham” Hamilton

Had good games at EFT and Penn this year. Has pretty deep knowledge in a few of his preferred subjects which helped McGill grab some crucial 30s at EFT. Need to see him in more games to rate him any higher.

25. Gilbert Hsyu

I did not know Gilbert existed until I slept next to him at Paul’s house the night before TTC. Was marginal in that tournament, but played well on a team of two at Penn Bowl.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

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Trash Rankings

1. Aaron Dos Remedios

Currently the best player in the circuit for me. Aaron’s one of the few players with knowledge in every area, and absolutely crushes in music. More often that not, Aaron will be among the top scorers of any trash tournament.

2. Christine Irwin

Stunning knowledge of all things trash but falls behind ADR due to a lack of sports knowledge. I’m actually not sure what Christine’s precise strengths are as she seems to get questions of all types. Easily a top 5 pick for me, and a privilege to play with.

3. Miran Trzic

I have only seen Miran play once, but his stats are enough to prove he is an excellent trash player. I’d have more to say if I was more familiar with him.

4. Nick Penner

A Carleton legend for running Cottagebowl, and probably the best player out of that group. Only a few players can rival Nick in terms of Sports knowledge, and even then, Nick is also capable of scoring points in other big categories. When supported by other Carleton players, Nick is good enough to lead players to victory.

5. Rodrigo Morante

Probably another biased pick, but Rodrigo, like ADR, can answer questions in virtually every field. Exceptional at TV (especially obscure vintage shows) and his knowledge in basketball and film makes him an invaluable team player and high scorer.

6. Aayush Rajasekaran

I haven’t seen Aayush play trash in a while, but from memory his knowledge of trashy trash rivals both Aaron and Christine. I do get the feeling that Aayush’s trash capabilities are much more limited than my top 2 picks, but Aayush will often help his team win important games.

7. Heather Gordon

Heather is incredible at a lot of newer trash material, and has proven her skill by snagging crucial tossups and leading some scoreboards. Alongside Penner, Heather was crucial in her team’s Acronym X victory.

8. Derek So

Derek’s skill in all things trivia certainly translates to trash, where he put up a dominating performance at FLOREAT and MADMAN. Even besides this niche knowledge, Derek put up good scores in more general tournaments like Acronym. Bonus points for having a deep knowledge of Bionicles.

9. Erik Christensen

Erik is a good all-around player who is not only exceptional at niche music and film, but also put up great numbers at Acronym and Cottage Bowl. Only second to Janusz at Hip-Hop this year, and I know through discussion his music knowledge runs even deeper than this. Gets bonus points for running REDACTED, MADMAN and the highly-anticipated Rock tournament.

10. Duncan Chalmers

A fantastic trash player with both breadth and depth in his game. Played exceptionally at Acronym this year and put up decent numbers at CO Trash. If I was more familiar with him he would undoubtedly be ranked higher.

11. Cooper Albertson-Webb

Similar to Duncan in ability, but posted even better results in CO. Not much to say about Cooper I haven’t already mentioned in the Academic ranking.

12. Stuart McDonald

Another brilliant trash player from Carleton. He’s arguably a top 10 trash player thanks to his unreal knowledge of board and video games, but generally not as good of a team player as Heather for me.

13. Henry Atkins

Only narrowly missed my academic ranking, and on checking the stats, Henry is actually a very good trash player. Led McGill’s scoring at the Guerrilla film tournament, and put up good numbers in the bigger trash tournaments.

14. Paul Kasinski

Maybe I’m rating Paul too low here, but he is one of the few experts in sports that makes him a huge asset in trash tournaments. Unsure of his ability in other categories to rank him higher than this.

15. Andrew Yim

Andrew possesses a deep knowledge of film and had excellent games at both FLOREAT and the Guerrilla tournament. Andrew is good at other categories as well, but often works better as a second scorer to someone like Aaron in larger tournaments.

16. Jenny Mao

My only correspondence with Jenny is through Facebook, so I can’t rank her any higher than the players with whom I am familiar. Still, her impressive stats at CO and Acronym speak for themselves. I am eager to play in her sports side event this coming summer.

17. Mike Martin

A classic Carleton player, and an interesting one to rank. Excels at video games, but is otherwise a standard rotation for the Karleton Qrew. I remember him being invaluable at bonuses, and raises morale within his team.

18. Ian Greig

Ian has very good knowledge in ‘trash film canon’ and gets quite a few topics in other categories like music. Performed very well at ACRONYM and good at collaborating for bonuses.

19. Jay Misuk

Jay buzzes plenty at Trash tournaments and has good knowledge in his own niche interests. Actually I don’t even know what trash Jay knows best but his PPG in this year’s trash tournaments speak for themselves.

20. Rein Otsasson

Like Ian in terms of what he knows, but with the addition of some Rein-specific interests in categories with which he is otherwise unfamiliar. Rein’s ability at academic quizbowl translates to trash play, but he doesn’t have the same broad knowledge as other players in the circuit.

21. Julien Bossé

Another good generalist who can one-line plenty of questions in TV, music and film. Never really a top scorer but still contributes a ton to his team. Good memories of playing with him in the first two Cottagebowls.

22. Shervin Ghiami

I’m very hit and miss when it comes to trash, doing very well at the Guerrilla tournament and Madman but lackluster at the bigger tournaments. Still, my extremely niche areas of expertise helps with bonus conversion and tossups that might otherwise go dead.

23. Adam Swift

Very capable at sports. This, combined with his high quizbowl IQ makes him a good player for any team. But unlike other sports specialists like Nick and Paul, Adam’s contribution to other categories is relatively minor.

24. Max Johnstone

A solid third/fourth player for Carleton. His knowledge sometimes overlaps with Mike and Stuart, but he is nevertheless useful in converting bonuses.

25. Leslie Newcombe

Will score points in her own niche topics, but needs a stronger player to allow her to shine.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by a e s t h e t i c s »

Staff Rankings

Only considering this year. Obviously people with whom I am more familiar get the nod.

1. Joe Su

Joe Su is probably the most important person in the circuit right now. Not only is he extremely up to date with Quizbowl happenings, he single-handedly organizes multiple side events a year at Carleton in addition to being the de facto spokesperson for McGill’s team. Joe’s slight accent might make him a less than favored mod for some players, but it’s no issue for me.

2. Brendan McKendy

A true QB veteran. Unlike others from his time, Brendan still plays a key role in the Ottawa scene and shows up to events to staff. Brendan has been crucial in running Ottawa Hybrid in the last few years, and is my preferred moderator for most events.

3. Meghan Torchia

Meghan is vital to Toronto’s QB program and serves as both a terrific TD and moderator. Very difficult to separate the top 3 here – you can arguably place Meghan first here for her contributions to the circuit this year, and all the nonsense she dealt with successfully.

4. Dennis Beeby

Definitely not as active since he left for Queen’s, but still did very well to run Regionals this year. One of the best mods in the circuit thanks to his distinct personality and knowledge of most answer lines.

5. Rico Catibog

An essential Toronto figure, routinely available for moderating and stats-keeping. Rico is practically a guaranteed staffer at most events and brings buzzers. Bonus points for being probably the only person in the circuit with a higher Wilks than me.

6. Nick Penner

Nick might have been ranked higher in another year as his overall contribution to the circuit was less than the high standard he set for himself previously. Not a criticism, of course, as Nick is still an excellent TD for trash, and moderates very well.

7. Aaron dos Remedios

Whenever Aaron is ineligible for a tournament he almost always shows up to moderate, which he does exceptionally. Often helps people get back on time, which is certainly a plus.

8. Shervin Ghiami

Because I’m not good enough for most academic events in our circuit, I elect to staff if needed, which I have done several times this year, and quite happily at that.

9. Erik Christensen

Ran some very successful side events this year, and it looks like he’s going to keep it up next year. Erik’s very unique REDACTED and MADMAN have received traction among American circuits – which is no mean feat.

10. Rodrigo Morante

Did stats for us at EFT and Hybrid, and was the principal editor of the latter, covering most of the trash. Deserves a nomination here for this.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Lighthouse Expert Elinor DeWire »

Staffing ballot: I use a magic formula to balance quantity and quality.

1) Rick "Rhino" Catibog - all around nice guy who will staff everything and do whatever's needed to help out. Brings buzzers and is willing to travel to staff.

2) Me - makes the best memes in Canadian QB

3) Aaron Dos Remedios - staffs everything and is darn good at doing it. Go-to top room or finals reader at all tournaments, and is an excellent TD as well.

4) Meghan Torchia - directs a lot of stuff and deals with lots of bullshit on the Toronto Room Booking side of things, but often will do things like bail on tournaments she directs due to other stuff

5) Isaac Thiessen - takes over Ming-Ho as the main Waterloo TD and has done an excellent job

6) Adam Swift - comes up from Rochester to staff things

7) Shervin Ghiami - new addition to the staffing market is already showing great promise with showings at TTC, OAT, and NHBB Nationals.

8) Dennis Beeby - doing an masters and law school at the same time and is able to revive the Queen's team.

9) Christine Irwin - staffs lots of stuff but doesn't know what a [REDACTED ANSWER LINE] is

10) Peter Cordeiro - struggles to keep the ONQBA alive
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by TheRhymeMinister »

Academic is a joke, let's do the rankings that really matter.

Trash Ballot

1. Aaron Dos Remedios - The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. He's been far and away the best trash player as long as I've been involved in Quizbowl. Great individual player, even better teammate. His ongoing process of learning sports through osmosis is really starting to chomp at my flavour. There's nothing in this world that brings me the same joy as a good game against him, despite the fact that I'll lose 9 times out of 10.

2. Nick Penner - No one remembers number two.

3. Christine Irwin - The "Silent Assassin" of Canadian trash. I'm constantly impressed with both the breadth and depth of her music and TV knowledge. Adam Swift teaching her college football is terrible news for all. I've seen shark feedings less one-sided than Christine on Pokemon questions.

4. Brendan McKendy - Another veritable old school Quizbowler, Brendan's trash knowledge is as diverse as it is deep. He can beat almost anyone in their best field on the right question and his ability to remember actors from seemingly minor roles is truly remarkable. Most impressively, despite his veteran status he has a solid knowledge of today's memes which is always appreciated.

5. Heather Gordon - I will fight and die arguing Heather is the most underrated trash player in Canada today. Her ability to power questions on innane topics will never cease to amaze me. I'm pretty sure she's watched every movie made before 1960 and memorized every detail of them. Also has very good taste in memes. The only reason her personal stats aren't higher is she's a genuine team player.

6. Miran Trzic - I have no memory of this individual but his stats are pretty good.

7. Derek So - There should be a rule that limits the number of things Derek is allowed to be good at. Regardless, he's a remarkable all around trash player who can singlehandedly lead a team to victory. His deep knowledge in certain areas allows him to put up huge power numbers at times. Despite this, points off for lack of wrestling knowledge/appreciation.

7. Erik Christensen - His biggest weakness is that his knowledge is simply too advanced for Quizbowl. Very versatile player, frequently gets questions that are absolutely stumping the seven other players in the room. All of this doesn't even touch his burgeoning skills as a question writer.

8. Paul Kasinski - A consummate sports specialist through and through. He regularly nails questions from almost any field of athletics and great on a wide range of other topics too. His willingness to learn and improve his trash game has reaped big rewards for him. Having one word catchphrases like "brah" and "yooooo" also make him a true star.

9. Aayush Rajasekaran - Used to be better at trash before he started focusing so much on academic studying. CALLING YOU OUT!

10. Rodrigo Morante - Rodrigo always makes me feel like an absolute phony on basketball questions, but also I could watch him answer old TV questions all day. He's also a good writer in his own right and he's one of the few people who actually smile when they play so big points there too. He truly is the man (fuck Chico).

11. Jay Misuk - Consistent as a grandfather clock. Jay has long been a solid trash player and he continues to demonstrate this. Could teach a course on how to take smart guesses in Quizbowl. His innate ability to remember media from before 2005 is more and more valuable every year. If only he would stop murdering his teammates.

12. Duncan Chalmers - Just needs to stop his lumberjack career and play more tournaments at this point. Dunky Chunks not only has the best nickname in Quizbowl but also some of the best movie and music knowledge. Deceptively good at sports too.

13. Stuart MacDonald - Stuart is by far the best at all the underrated areas of trash (video games/sci-fi anything/trash lit/board games/just *stuff*). If there were more questions in these fields he'd be number one hands down. His appreciation for classic movies also serves him well.

14. Shervin Ghiami - Film knowledge deep to the point of obscurity. Could watch him power movie tossups all day. Also very strong music knowledge and a good ability to make guesses off context clues alone.

15. Mike Martin - Good kid, plays the game the right way.

16. Ian Gillies - Good kid, plays the game the right way.

17. Ian Greig - Has a robust knowledge of all the core elements of trash that he uses well. Would be a great asset on any team since his non-overlapping knowledge is invaluable. He's got moxie.

18. Adam Swift - Perhaps I'm overrating sports knowledge, but Adam's American upringing combined with his true Canadian heart allow him to get a solid swath of questions that most other players are left blank when facing. His ongoing teamwork with Christine makes for a formidable two-headed monster.

19. Henry Atkins - Another McGill player who needs to quit academic and redouble his efforts where it counts. Has a wide array of knowledge that he's easily able to translate into points and has good team leadership too.

20. Max Johnstone - Has great versatility in the answers he brings and can easily steal a game when given the opportunity to do so. Underrated movie knowledge, especially identifying films from a specific scene. At any other school he'd be a star but instead is part of the greatest trash program in Canada at Carleton.

21. Sebastian Drake - Doesn't play as much as he used to, but when he does he's a solid contributor who can get you points in lots of different ways. Also a key contributor when it comes to bonus conversion.

22. Cooper Albertson-Webb - Another key trash player for his squad, Cooper has a relaxed yet confident attitude that all players could benefit from. His power-to-neg ratio is always off the charts because he has a huge ability to lock down questions early.

23. Andrew Yim - A film specialist who has a breadth of knowledge that allows him to be competitive in basically any tournament. His music knowledge is also somewhat underrated but important.

24. Julien Bossé - Reliable all around knowledge and a consistency to get points for any team. Wins more than his fair share of buzzer races and has a good knowledge of the existing trash cannon. I mustache him how he does it.

25. Elizabeth Robson Gordon - Including her mostly so I can talk about her great knowledge of British TV and Canadian actors, both of which continually impress me even if her statline doesn't appear especially remarkable.

Staffer Ballot

1. Joe Su - I may disagree with his methods, but it's hard to argue against his results or his dedication to Quizbowl.

2. Meghan Torchia - I hope she has a good chiropractor, cause she'll need it after putting all of Toronto on her back.

3. Nick Penner - I'm alright.

4. Rico Catibog - His dedication to staffing and his willingness to go above and beyond in what he attends should not go unappreciated.

5. Dennis Beeby - A tireless servant of Quizbowl who keeps going year after year and whose dedication to building a new Queen's club is much applauded.

6. Peter Cordeiro - Possess a willingness to impress that is truly remarkable, has big shoes to fill but wears them well.

7. Isaac Thiessen - A reliable TD, a solid reader, and an even better person.

8. Shelby Robert - A tremendous organizer whose friendly disposition and willingness to always go the extra mile are never admired enough

9. Aaron Dos Remedios - A solid reader and good organizer who has helped out almost everyone in Canadian Quizbowl at one time or another.

10. Kira Vimal - The nicest reader/person Quizbowl has ever seen.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Cosmas's Tabernacular Earth »

By popular demand, the voting deadline has been moved to May 22 so people can celebrate Victoria Day by ranking quizbowlers.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by bmcke »

I think the academic rankings in this thread are mostly accurate. I probably have Ian Dewan in my top 5, and then I might have Andrej or a Toronto B player in my top 10 right now. If I made a top 25, it would have two high-schoolers and Jack from Queen's.

I think the gap between Derek and Rein is not very big. Rein gets a lot of stuff early outside of his categories, and his negs are usually impressive -- he buzzes like once per round with good knowledge and no idea what the tossup is asking for. Derek is obviously more respectful. Both have read many books.

Rein, Erik, and Aayush are all strong players who still improve at quizbowl every year. No one has hit the level of Palmer / Eric Smith / Sinan yet, but it will be cool when someone does.

I'll give credit to the top players who are actual undergrads -- Ian and Daniel. Credit also to the top players who didn't go to elite high schools with quiz coaches -- I think this is Derek, Jay, Ian, and Aayush.

Some vanity picks, players who score low points but have impressed me with cool knowledge: Leslie, Alisha from Ottawa, Sebastian and Henry from McGill, Ben H-W, lots of retired Ottawa players.

Janusz Gacek was a top-5 trash player when he played, which is when he was in high school. Duncan Chalmers, Sheridan Baker, and a lot of Carleton people were also great at trash, and Cam MacInnis was probably better than Aaron and me. Current trash players do not impress me -- they will need to step it up and spend more time on leisure activities.

Ottawa staff who have been good to work with over the past year: Ben Smith, Ruth Crabtree, Joe, Rodrigo, Shervin, Ian, Shelby, Christine, Thilini, Swagat, Alisha, Audrey, Nicole and Ian Ferg, many Carleton players, many Lisgar teachers.

Staff outside of Ottawa who have been good to work with: Peter Cordeiro, Paul, Meghan, Patrick, Dennis, Aaron, Jay, Rhino, Alec from Queen's.

People who drive teams to tournaments should also get a lot of credit -- the ones I know are Brian, Aaron, Jay, and Rodrigo.

Apologies to everyone I forgot on these lists. I would like to hear more about Huma endangering a child.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by Cosmas's Tabernacular Earth »

One more day to get your ballots in! Here are my picks:

Top 25 Academic Players

1. Derek So - duh

2. Dennis Beeby - Put up very impressive numbers in the tournaments he has played, and kept his negs low.

3. Rein Otsason - If there was a neg prize poll Rein would win. Would still be top 10 even if he didn't know a thing outside of science.

4. Jay Misuk - Adjusted his game a bit to fit in with Toronto A. No longer the kind guy who will get lines like 8/2/9 or whatever, but still a top generalist.

5. Aayush Rajasekaran - Typically the top scorer on Toronto A, but doesn't have as deep knowledge in his categories as Rein or Jay.

6. Ian Dewan - Somehow it still feels like he's underrated. Consistently contends for the #2 individual scorer behind Derek.

7. Aaron dos Remedios - He's been around forever and knows the stuff that keeps coming up.

8. Patrick Liao - His low scores are caused by the sleeping-during-games effect. Capable of going off on harder stuff more so than most players.

9. Brendan McKendy - Developing a bad case of old, but still kept up with some of the top scorers in his appearances.

10. Faheem Pahlwan - Under the radar because he is on a B team. Very good player, particularly on fine arts.

11. Daniel Lovsted - Despite being on the same team as Derek, still puts up great numbers.

12. Erik Christensen - Waterloo has barely lost a step since Aayush left, and Erik's improvement is the reason why. Should take Waterloo to the top bracket at D2 ICT next year.

13. Cameron Amini - Peaked in high school. Still an effective player in his categories, and gives Carleton the potential to swing an upset.

14. Sam Challen - Forms a two-headed monster with Ian. Good at NAQT stuff, but wasn't at SCT to prove it.

15. Chris Lionel - Still a solid player, and a major reason for Toronto B's success.

16. Paul Kasinski - Hurt a lot by the current quizbowl trend of de-emphasizing modern history, since he is a beast in that category.

17. Cooper Albertson-Webb - Good knowledge of literature, particularly poetry. Allegedly the best bible player in Canada, but I haven't seen him play enough to judge that.

18. Adam Swift - I'm still good, but I will acknowledge that my team-leading performance at TTC was abnormal. I do not scale up well at higher levels, but am very much a threat in most of the distribution at lower levels.

19. Leslie Newcombe - She will probably disagree with this, but I think she is about as good as I am. A little better at scaling up but a little worse at scaling down.

20. Chris Sims - Clear favorite for rookie of the year. Excellent performance at Nationals for a freshman.

21. Anubhav Srivastava - Knows science, which makes him valuable. Not so great on the rest of the distribution.

22. Zhenglin Liu - Best auditory fine arts player in Canada. Getting better as a generalist.

23. Andrej Vukovic - Good at math, and solid generalism.

24. Jack van Nostrand - dominated against weaker competition, but hasn't proven himself against the top players.

25. Joe Su - Is Joe Su elite? Maybe on bits and pieces of the distribution. Ability on the rest of the distribution has declined since his "retirement"

Top 25 trash players

1. Nick Penner - Led his team to victory in a stacked top bracket at Acronym. Covers the whole distribution. Also outscored Aaron at CO Trash.

2. Aaron dos Remedios - Also can cover every part of the distribution, but couldn't lead his team to victory at either major trash event.

3. Miran Trzic - Good at most stuff, but not as complete as Aaron or Nick. Makes a lot of needless negs.

4. Christine Irwin - Knows a bunch about actors, actresses, and pop stars. Consistent high numbers thanks to minimal negs. Managed to have a good performance against a tough CO Trash field.

5. Adam Swift - Pretty much equaled Christine while playing with her at Cottage bowl and Acronym. Majorly helped by the American content common in trash.

6. Heather Gordon - Put up good scoring next to Nick. Hits every part of the distribution but sports.

7. Paul Kasinski - Very good at baseball and minor sports. Had the most powers at the Canadian mirror of CO Trash.

8. Derek So - Dominates on movies, but not so great at everything else. Still manages consistent high scores.

9. Henry Atkins - Quietly good. Being American is very beneficial for trash.

10. Rodrigo Morante - Deep basketball knowledge, and capable of buzzing on the rest of the distribution too. Very important to his team's victory at Cottage Bowl.

11. Erik Christensen - Better known for his writing, but his play is still top notch. Casually one-lines meme questions.

12. Jenny Mao - Had an absurd power rate at Acronym, leading to 30+ ppg despite playing with two top players. Strongest at hockey and minor sports, so she is hit hard by American content.

13. Ian Grieg - Another strong film player, who finished in the top room at the CO film side event. Capable of getting plenty of buzzes in the rest of the distribution too.

14. Brian Luong - Very good player who dealt with very strong shadow effects each tournament. TV is his best subject, but he is solid on everything but sports.

15. Andrew Yim - Finished 2nd at the CO film side event, but doesn't get many buzzes outside of film. Not as dominant but still decent on the non-art film part of the movies distribution.

16. Stuart McDonald - Solid trash generalist. People tend to forget about this due to Carleton's top tier trash talent.

17. Aayush Rajasekaran - Good music knowledge, plus able to fraud movies and TV.

18. Jay Misuk - One of the best at video games thanks to his deep knowledge of old stuff and pokemon. Also a decent trash generalist. His negging habit is much less prominent at trash tournaments.

19. Julien Bosse - Decent film player that constantly has to deal with Derek's shadow effect.

20. Shervin Ghiami - Also a solid film player, but less consistent. Can be a dangerous specialist or neg his team into a hole.

21. Max Johnstone - Another Carleton player who can hit any part of the trash distribution. Seems to know things about modern video games, which is rare.

22. Leslie Newcombe - Can get the occasional buzz on any category (yes, even sports) when playing with strong teammates. Her biggest strength is on the random stuff that comes up in the "Other trash" category.

23. Raymond Chen - Has solid knowledge across the distribution. Capable contributor for a mid-level team.

24. Mike Martin - fairly capable player on a variety of Carleton teams.

25. Rein Otsason - knows movies and power ballads, but nothing else.

Top 10 staffers

1. Aaron dos Remedios - Staffs virtually everything that isn't open and is the best moderator in Canada. Also a good TD who pays for staff parking/lunch.

2. Joe Su - Staffs in both Ottawa and southern ON despite living in Montreal. Also does stats. Very dedicated.

3. Rico Catibog - Staffs a lot and willing to travel just to staff. Has improved his moderating skills significantly.

4. Isaac Thiessen - Doesn't really do much outside of Waterloo. Strong TD living up to Ming-Ho's legacy.

5. Adam Swift - Drives fairly long distances to staff (Notably, Rochester to Toronto isn't that much shorter a drive than Ottawa to Toronto). Good moderator.

6. Meghan Torchia - Uses Toronto's abundant staff talent effectively when she TDs. Doesn't staff outside Toronto.

7. Brendan McKendy - Excellent moderator. Would be much higher if he staffed outside of Ottawa.

8. Shervin Ghiami - Really stepped up this year to staff a lot of stuff. One of very few people willing to give up playing because staff is needed.

9. Nick Penner - On this list thanks to his long drive from Ottawa to Chicago just to staff ICT for Carleton. Also treats staff very well as a TD.

10. Leslie Newcombe - Staffs a bunch in Toronto, but not much else. Has a good voice. On this list over Dennis Beeby by the slimmest of margins.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

Post by everdiso »

My trash ballot. I'm taking into account a wider variety of difficulties here than for academic, but I'm still forcusing on marginal value to a team rather than soloing ability.

1. Nick Penner
Canada's ultimate champion of trash over academic certainly owns his territory. This is a somewhat controversial ranking, but his clearly superior stats to Aaron's from the Chicago Open that they played as teammates put him over the top. Nick and I have gone head to head in sports side events twice: Nick beat me the first time and we were tied in the second one when it was stopped prematurely. A true all-around sports player, Nick is really good at all of the Big 4, and is also good at American college sports and golf, though from what I recall, he's weaker at soccer, tennis and Olympic sports (but I might be wrong about that). Playing sports tossups against him is great fun, and when I beat him, it feels really rewarding. But Nick is far from a one-trick pony. He's good at music (with knowledge tending towards some of the trashier parts of rap), and good at all other trash areas, allowing him to run three Cottage Bowls. He can honestly power questions on any topic. Bonus points for his sick Alexandre Daigle reference in his ranking of himself.

2. Aaron Dos Remedios
Aaron seems to have been put on this earth to play trash (and national math competitions). He's regularly referred to as being a "god" at music, and that's pretty accurate. His knowledge of all chart-topping songs since the early 90s is better than perhaps the entire rest of the circuit's combined, and despite claiming to hate rock music and not be very into rap, he's actually excellent at both of those, too. Aaron is also good at T.V. and movies, with again a completely dominant specialty for the most popular shows/films. And despite claiming to hate all sports except for an obscure handful, he's even a decent sports player, and once beat me to a tossup on the Jacksonville Jaguars thanks to his fantastic Tecmo Super Bowl knowledge, to my everlasting chagrin. His inferior performance to Nick at Chicago Open Trash very narrowly drops him down here.

3. Miran Terzic
I only know Miran from when he occasionally shows up to play trash tournaments and kicks everyone's asses. I'm not too sure what he's best at except for that it's a lot of not sports (video games seem to stand out in my recollections, but that might not be true). Someone recently mentioned that he also used to play academic and be good at it, which would be a very impressive versatility.

4. Heather Gordon
One of my most shameful moments ever in trivia came at Cottage Bowl this year. We were facing a team composed, at that moment, only of Heather, so we agreed to allow Nicole Laplante to join her on her bye because, of course, our four-person team would win either way. Heather proceeded to get NINE tossups and, with barely any help from Nicole, beat the four of us. I can't remember exactly what she's good at except that it isn't sports, but she's clearly VERY good at it. Her strong numbers at ANCRONYM despite being on a team with Nick Penner, and her ability to neg almost as little as Christine, bump her up to here.

5. Paul Kasiński
Despite what people may think, I'm more than just a sports player: I haven't seen many movies but know the ones that I've seen really well, and I'm extremely good at the musicians that I like (which mostly means indie rock). I definitely don't have the overall knowledge in music or movies of any of the other players up here, though, and I'm terrible at TV (I only know a handful of shows and know them well but not all that well). I also have poor "other trash" knowledge. But sports are my thing. I power almost every baseball and golf tossup in every tournament, and I'm very good at football, hockey, international soccer and tennis, and decent at Olympic sports. My uselesneness at basketball and American college sports keeps me from being truly dominant at sports, though. I rise above Christine because I've also stopped negging.

6. Christine Irwin
Christine is to trash an even better version of what Koji Shiromoto (sadly too inactive this year to qualify) is to academic - a top scorer who quite literally NEVER negs. She's amazing at movies and TV and is apparently the top Pokémon player on the circuit. She has little overlap with her usual teammates, which inflates her stats, but on the other hand, her lack of negs means that she's actually more valuable than those stats show. Her lack of powers at the Chicago Open narrowly drops her down here, but she was absolutely dominant at Ohio Trash.

7. Adam Swift
Adam is a textbook example of sports players being underrated in trash. Most trash players are into TV and movies and music, and when they think of Adam, they don't think of expertise in any of those areas - completely ignoring his excellence in another, equally big category. The fact that someone had him in 22nd is a complete joke. One look at stats would be enough to show how wrong that is. Adam is very good at football and American college sports, and is also solid at basketball and baseball, though weak at hockey and international sports. But sports isn't the end of the story for him - he also gets questions in other categories, and is fantastic at country music. Overall one of the best on the circuit.

8. Rodrigo Morante
Rodrigo is one of the best basketball players on the circuit and is also solid at some other sports. I'm nto quite sure what non-sports he's good at, but judging by his performance at Cottage/Ohio, it's clearly a lot. This ranking is not very confident because I hardly see him play; if he played more he might rise up.

9. Derek So
Somehow, the country's top academic player is also good at trash. This is take 2 of "not quite sure what non-sports he's good at, but it's clearly a lot".

10. Aayush Rajasekaran
Aayush is incredible at horror movies, pop music, female country music and female rap. I've seen him one-line a lot of tossups, and 30 a lot of bonuses, on those areas. He can also get a solid amount of other movie, TV and music questions, and randomly knows some tennis. He and I make good trash teammates, and I have high hopes for our MEGHANCRONYM team this summer.

11. Henry Atkins
It doesn't make waves because he rarely comes down to southern Ontario, but Henry is one of the best sports players on the circuit, and I always struggle to have good games against him. He's probably the best football player in CanQB, and is also good at the other Big 4 sports. I can't remember too much of what he gets outside of sports, but it's probably a solid amount. I'm itching to face him again because I want to finally get the better of him in sports.

12. Jenny Mao
A bit of a dropoff from Henry to Jenny. Jenny is particularly known for her great knowledge of non-American sports (which her upcoming SINS side event will celebrate), and is indeed excellent at hockey and (mainly modern) soccer and tennis, along with being the best Olympic sports player on the circuit. And though she's very bad at non-hockey North American sports, Jenny also gets lots of questions outside of sports, more than a lot of regular "sports players". She's very good at TV and movies, but her favourite music is mid-20th century stuff that rarely comes up, limiting her value there. Her great power total - with no negs - at ANCRONYM puts her narrowly above the next couple of guys on this list.

13. Duncan Chalmers
Duncan has a good reputation for trash play from past years in which I didn't know him. He did poorly by his standards (though still all right) at the Chicago Open, but had an excellent ANCRONYM. Duncan's a good music player; I can't remember anything about him on movies or TV (this is becoming a theme in these rankings), but the stats say he must be good at those, too. Might be higher if he played more and showed his Chicago Open performance to be a fluke.

14. Cooper Albertson-Webb
Cooper has very deep knowledge in his areas, as evidenced by his putting up higher numbers at the Chicago Open mirror than on the much easier ANCRONYM set. He's great at rap music and good at older rock, and he has some good movie and T.V. knowledge - he once made me very sad by beating me to a tossup off of a Freaks and Geeks clue. His music taste alternates between very good and suspect (e.g. inexplicably hating on Radiohead.)

15. Erik Christensen
Erik's enjoyment of memes seems to have overshadowed the main thing about him as a trash player: he's one of the top music players on the circuit. Erik knows rock and rap music really well, and his recent "détente with artists I've always hated on" has both broadened his knowledge of those genres and improved his pop ability. His upcoming Chuck Berry Memorial Tournament will hopefully get his music knowledge more attention. Erik's got very good art film knowledge but is less good at the popular parts of the film distribution, and gets questions on a few TV shows he's seen but not many others. He also sometimes gets sports when playing on teams without a sports player, but never beats actual sports players to anything.

16. Stuart McDonald
I haven't seen Stuart play very much, but the stats show he must be good.

17. Ian Greig
Ian loves movies and knows a ton about them, but his preference for good movies over box-office hits hurts him in trash - I've seen him go entire easy trash tournaments and get hardly any movie questions if they're all about garbage rom coms/action movies that made lots of money in the past 5 years. On harder sets, though, Ian can kill movies: he did really well at the Chicago visual movie side event last summer, and gets lots of sick powers when his types of movies come up. Ian is also a good music player, with great knowledge of classic rock (even when it's stuff he doesn't like) and random areas of really deep rock and pop knowledge from the past 20 years. Had a good ANCRONYM, but his poor Cottage/Ohio performance drops him down to here.

18. Jay Mishuk
Jay has really good knowledge of certain niche topics, such as Pokémon and video games, and gets a solid amount of TV and movies. His knowledge has lots of gaps, though, and often negs too much.

19. Andrew Yim
Andrew is kind of like Ian in that he's great at "his" movies, and also did well at the Chicago film side event. He's also good at classic video games. But his knowledge has a lot of holes, making him a good specialist to fill out a team but not someone that a team can be built around.

20. Shervin Ghiami
Shervin's another guy down here with some sick art movie knowledge but not much knowledge of popular movies. I once saw him in-power neg a super hard tossup about Czechoslovakian cinema because the pack wouldn't accept "Czech Republic" as an answer. I haven't seen him play much trash, so I don't really know what he's good at, and his stats have varied confusingly from good at Cottage/Ohio to bad at ANCRONYM.

21. Max Johnstone
I don't recall much about the topics Max knows, but he's put up some solid numbers this year, and I think I remember him doing really well against my team at ANCRONYM.

22. Julien Bossé
Julien, who apparently played Reach for some Etobicoke school that faced Martingrove (or so I'm told), is good at movies and occasionally gets some sick questions despite being covered up by good McGill teams. He once cheated to knock my team out of Cottage Bowl by 5 points. That's bad!

23. Brian Luong
Brian has some sick music knowledge, and is one of the best Radiohead players on the circuit. He's also good at TV. His music knowledge is unfortunately narrowly concentrated in areas quizbowl mostly ignores, though, and he doesn't know many movies or any sports whatsoever.

24. Mike Martin
Mike seems to be completely shadowed by Nick, judging by his statline at ANCRONYM. He didn't do very well playing without the great Penner at Cottage/Ohio, though.

25. Raymond Chen
Raymond good knowledge of basketball, and I think decent football knowledge, from what I recall. His numbers are pretty poor when considering the quality of the teams he usually plays on, however.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

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Most people's staffer rankings have taken into account things other than staffing, such as driving people to tournaments and running housewrites, so I'm going to straight-up call this my "Community Involvement Ballot". Bonus points go to people who staff despite not belonging to any clubs and having any responsibility to staff.

1. Aaron Dos Remedios
Aaron staffs almost every tournament he can't play in, and is a good staffer, too. He also drives people to and from just about every tournament he goes to. He probably does more for other people on the circuit than anyone else. Thanks, Aaron! We all really appreciate it.
1. Joe "Joe Su" Su
Joe also staffs a whole lots of tournaments around Ontario, and while he doesn't have a car to drive people, he is still willing to take the train from Ottawa to Toronto to staff tournaments pretty often. He also does tons of stats, and fills in for Carelton's waste exec to run tournaments for a school he doesn't go to. And he gets very little recognition for all of it. Thanks, Joe! You do great stuff for us.
3. Adam Swift
Adam drives long distances from a foreign country to play here, and sometimes solely to staff. That's really nice!
4. Rico Catibog
Rico staffs a ton of tournaments and often does stats for a community he never benefits from by playing. He drops below the top 3, though, due to chronic lateness.
5. Brendan McKendy
Brendan staffs stuff up in Ottawa and helped write another Cottage Bowl this year despite not having any more ties to uOttawa.
6. Erik Christensen
Never staffs or organises anything. So why is he here? Because he writes plenty of trash side events -  and runs them for free. Generous!
7. Meghan Torchu
Meghan messed up room bookings badly at VETO last summer, resulting in games outside and in the halls. Since then, though, she's done a great job dealing with U of T's increasingly insane room booking policies, always finding rooms in some corner of the school where they're available. U of T tournaments always run smoothly now. Never staffs outside of U of T.
8. Leslie "Joe Su" Newcombe
Staffs quite a few tournaments in southern Ontario.
9. Shervin Ghiami
Staffs tournaments, even sometimes ones that he had interest in playing.
10. Isaac Thiessen
Isaac runs tournaments very smoothly and has dealt with some room booking oddities at Wasterloo this year. Never staffs elsewhere.
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

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9 ballots - Dennis Beeby, Aaron dos Remedios, Ted Gan, Shervin Ghiami, Paul Kasinski, Zhenglin Liu, Chris Sims, Joe Su, Adam Swift

1. Derek So (225 pts; unanimous #1)
2. Rein Otsason (210 pts; Highest: #2, Lowest: #4)
3. Aayush Rajasekaran (204 pts; Highest: #2, Lowest: #5)
4. Ian Dewan (182 pts; Highest: #4, Lowest: #8)
5. Jay Misuk (177 pts; Highest: #2, Lowest: NR)
6. Dennis Beeby (170 pts; Highest: #2, Lowest: #11)
7. Daniel Lovsted (162 pts; Highest: #6, Lowest: #12)
8. Patrick Liao (160 pts; Highest: #4, Lowest: #15)
9. Aaron dos Remedios (144 pts; Highest: #4, Lowest: NR)
10. Cameron Amini (125 pts; Highest: #8, Lowest: #18)
11. Erik Christensen (124 pts; Highest: #9, Lowest: #16)
12. Faheem Pahlwan (113 pts; Highest: #10, Lowest: #18)
13. Paul Kasinski (96 pts; Highest: #12, Lowest: #19)
14. Sam Challen (93 pts; Highest: #9, Lowest: NR)
15. Chris Lionel (89 pts; Highest: #11, Lowest: NR)
16. Chris Sims (85 pts; Highest: #11, Lowest: 20)
17. Cooper Albertson-Webb 83 pts; Highest: #5, Lowest: NR)
18. Zhenglin Liu (64 pts; Highest: #12, Lowest: #23)
19. Adam Swift (57 pts; Highest: #13, Lowest: NR)
20. Akhil Garg (56 pts; Highest: #10, Lowest: NR)
21. Joe Su (53 pts; Highest: #13, Lowest: #25)
t-22. Anubhav Srivastava (37 pts; Highest: #16, Lowest: NR)
t-22. Huma Zafar (37 pts; Highest: #7, Lowest: NR)
24. Leslie Newcombe (34 pts; Highest: #16, Lowest: NR)
25. Peter Liu (31 pts; Highest: #16, Lowest: NR)

Also Receiving Votes: Jack Guo (26), Andrej Vukovic (19), Brendan McKendy (17), Eric Smith (13), Nick Sunderland (8), Ted Gan (7), Sheena Li (7), Ben Hillier-Weltman (5), Gilbert Hsyu (5), Jack van Nostrand (3), Peter Cordeiro (2), Hugh Hamilton (2)


4 ballots - Shervin Ghiami, Paul Kasinski, Nick Penner, Adam Swift

1. Aaron dos Remedios (98 pts; Highest: #1 (2 votes), Lowest: #2)
2. Nick Penner (96 pts; Highest: #1 (2 votes), Lowest: #4)
3. Miran Trzic (90 pts; Highest: #3, Lowest: #5)
4. Christine Irwin (89 pts; Highest: #2, Lowest: #6)
5. Heather Gordon (83 pts; Highest: #4, Lowest: #7)
6. Derek So (73 pts; Highest: #6, Lowest: #9)
7. Rodrigo Morante (71 pts; Highest: #5, Lowest: #10)
8. Paul Kasinski (70 pts; Highest: #5, Lowest: #14)
t-9. Erik Christensen (62 pts; Highest: #7, Lowest: #15)
t-9. Aayush Rajasekaran (62 pts; Highest: #6, Lowest: #17)
11. Henry Atkins (52 pts; Highest: #9, Lowest: #19)
12. Adam Swift (51 pts; Highest: #5, Lowest: #23)
13. Stuart McDonald (47 pts; Highest: #12, Lowest: #16)
14. Duncan Chalmers (43 pts; Highest: #10, Lowest: NR)
15. Ian Greig (39 pts; Highest: #13, Lowest: #18)
t-16. Jenny Mao (38 pts; Highest: #12, Lowest: NR)
t-16. Jay Misuk (38 pts; Highest: #11, Lowest: #19)
18. Andrew Yim (32 pts; Highest: #15, Lowest: #23)
19. Cooper Albertson-Webb (31 pts; Highest: #11, Lowest: NR)
20. Shervin Ghiami (28 pts; Highest: #14, Lowest: #22)
21. Mike Martin (24 pts; Highest: #15, Lowest: #24)
t-22. Julien Bosse (18 pts; Highest: #19, Lowest: #24)
t-22. Max Johnstone (18 pts; Highest: #20, Lowest: #24)
24. Brian Luong (15 pts; Highest: #14, Lowest: NR)
25. Ian Gillies (10 pts; Highest: #16, Lowest: NR)

Also Receiving Votes: Rein Otsason (7), Sebastian Drake (5), Leslie Newcombe (5), Raymond Chen (4), Elizabeth Robson Gordon (1)


6 ballots - Dennis Beeby, Shervin Ghiami, Paul Kasinski, Nick Penner, Joe Su, Adam Swift

1. Joe Su (57 pts; Highest: #1 (3 votes), Lowest: #2)
2. Aaron dos Remedios (42 pts; Highest: #1 (2 votes), Lowest: #9)
3. Rico Catibog (40 pts; Highest: #1 (1 vote), Lowest: #9)
4. Meghan Torchia (36 pts; Highest: #2, Lowest: #8)
5. Isaac Thiessen (27 pts; Highest: #2, Lowest: NR)
6. Brendan McKendy (23 pts; Highest: #2, Lowest: NR)
t-7. Nick Penner (20 pts; Highest: #3, Lowest: NR)
t-7. Adam Swift (20 pts; Highest: #3, Lowest: NR)
9. Dennis Beeby (16 pts; Highest: #4, Lowest: NR)
10. Shervin Ghiami (12 pts; Highest: #7, Lowest: NR)

Also Receiving Votes: Christine Irwin (9), Shelby Robert (9), Erik Christensen (7), Peter Cordeiro (6), Leslie Newcombe (4), Rodrigo Morante (1), Kira Vimal (1)

Thanks everyone who voted!
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Re: Canadian Player Poll 2017: Fluency in French Optional

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everdiso wrote: 22. Julien Bossé
Julien, who apparently played Reach for some Etobicoke school that faced Martingrove (or so I'm told), is good at movies and occasionally gets some sick questions despite being covered up by good McGill teams. He once cheated to knock my team out of Cottage Bowl by 5 points. That's bad!
Your protest was noted and left to the moderator's discretion.
Not a very polite thing to say.
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