MLK Field Update

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MLK Field Update

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Hey all-

The field for MLK 2006 currently stands as follows:

Chicago A
Chicago B
Chicago C
Chicago D
Chicago E
Pitt A
Pitt B
Pitt C
Pitt D
MSU (Michigan State) A
Rochester A
Rochester B
Team Lafer/Wolpert
Jews Without Money (Jerry, Jason)
Bowling Green State University

We definitely want as many more teams to attend the tournament as we can get, so everybody send in your registrations! I know there are some teams out there who are going to come whom I haven't heard from yet, and we would love to have you at the tournament, so just let us know your plans.

Also, if everyone could please get packets to Ryan ASAP so we can do the best and most complete editing job possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Ryan Westbrook and Adam Kemezis have reached an agreement. Basically, it goes like this: Adam agrees that MLK 2006 will be an UNTIMED ACF-Style tournament. That's right, no time clocks for us this year. However, in return for that concession, Ryan agrees to keep the prelim packet difficulty very reasonable so that the questions will be undeniably accessible for all teams, though still pyramidal, challenging, and thorough enough to reward teams with the most knowledge. That is all.

See everybody in January!

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Post by Rothlover »

Is the only change the move to 20/20, i.e. will the dist be about the same as in past years and will there be power tossups for those who love malomars?
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MLK Field Update

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There will be powers. There may even be malomars. Any specific questions that I cannot answer can be directed to [email protected]

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Post by Ray »

I always thought of MLK as a sort of prepatory tournament for NAQT, in which the distribution was closer to the ACF ideal but the format and frenetic pace of play mirrored that of the upcoming NAQT sectionals.

While I prefer untimed rounds, I always thought that MLK's observance of timed rounds was helpful in readying myself for NAQT, and was something that, along with superbly edited packets and competent tournament direction, set it apart from the ruck of less ably-run invitationals and opens.

I love accessibility as much as the next guy - in fact, probably more, because I don't really know much of the stuff that comes up in quiz bowl and am a dismal player - but I have to admit that I'm sad to see the timers go.
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Post by grapesmoker »

How is there a compromise between accessibility and timed rounds? I don't understand what the overlap between the two is. If anything, it would appear that you should want timed rounds to be more accessible because then questions would get answered faster.

Whatever, not like I really care. I hate timed rounds anyway and I'm sure MLK will rock.
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MLK Field Update

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It isn't so much a compromise between accessibility and untimed or timed rounds as it is a more general compromise between differing opinions and interests within Michigan quiz bowl. We apologize to those who are sad to see the timing go, but we think that it will help us edit and run the best possible tournament this year.
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Post by No Rules Westbrook »

To address the comments, the distribution will be what was posted in the earlier announcement. Basically, it's a standard ACF distrib with 1/1 trash and very little current events unlike years past. There will be powers, but no malomars, I can assure you. The tossups are aimed to be just as accessible as ever. They are longer and have a more mACF feel. I don't really see the tournament as prep for NAQT any more than prep for ACF; but, at any rate, I know there are some people who prefer timed rounds and I apologize - I am completely to blame for the lack of them. I suspect that there are many people, if not a sizeable majority, who feel as I (and Jerry) do that there really is no reason to have timed rounds in a good academic tournament.