Evaluating Housewrite Quality

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Evaluating Housewrite Quality

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I've been looking for mirrors for a tournament to host, but we also do have a housewrite that we wrote a few years back but never used in an actual tournament. The problem is, I don't want to put out a bad housewrite, but I can't evaluate the quality of the questions myself. So I'm looking for some ideas or help with checking questions. Right now I have 258 tossups and 88 bonuses (2-part). Obviously I won't be able to post the questions on the forum publicly, but if there are any college students/experience coaches/admins who might be able to look through some of the questions and give me some general feedback, I would really appreciate it. Please PM me if you could help me check the questions or post if have some suggestions.
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Re: Evaluating Housewrite Quality

Post by RexSueciae »

You're going to need somewhere in the vicinity of 294 tossups (and as many bonuses) if you're going to have a tournament of normal length (14 rounds of 20 tossups/bonuses plus 1/1 extra). You can maybe make do with 12 rounds (252 tossups and bonuses), maybe, although keep in mind that the standard question sets sold by NAQT and HSAPQ have at least 14 packets (HSAPQ's regular tournaments have 15, NAQT's IS tournaments have 14; only NAQT's IS-A tournaments have 12).

The most pressing concern right now is writing enough high-quality bonus questions--and is there any reason why they're two-part bonuses? I suppose it's easier to write, although I haven't seen them used very often. Additional question: do you have a specific distribution in mind?

My email address is [email protected], and I'd be glad to look over anything sent my way.
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