RMP (or just M) singles?

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RMP (or just M) singles?

Post by setht »

Are people interested in the possibility of a singles tournament on religion/myth/philosophy, or just myth? I'd be willing to write a myth singles tournament, or the myth portion of an rmp tournament, if someone else wants to handle the religion and philosophy. I'd be even more willing to play such a tournament, if anyone else is interested in writing one.


p.s.--if you have any thoughts on when such a tournament should be held, or on the proper breakdown between Greek myth/all other myth, feel free to weigh in.

p.p.s.--if you're interested in playing a religion and/or philosophy tournament, but not myth, I guess you can talk about that, if you want. Pervert.
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Post by Rothlover »

Call me a pervert if you wish, but I'd most be interested in just a Religion/Philo tournament, though this is most certainly colored by my knowledge of approximately 0 myth. I'd certainly still play a RMP tournament, however. The last two subject-specific tournaments have been excellent and I have no doubt that this would continue the trend.
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Post by Romero »

How about for the next Chicago Open?

I would be willing to write at least the Religion portion of such a tournament.

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Post by Susan »

I'd be willing to help write religion or mythology, but much more willing to play.

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Post by solonqb »

If the history singles are ever a possibility, I'd be happy to render whatever assistance I could via writing questions if I was unable to play.
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Post by DanTheClam »

I'd be delighted to play in an RMP singles tournament or to write some philosophy for it. An entire RMP tournament's worth would probably be too much, but I could probably write half a tournament's worth of good philosophy questions.
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Post by Scipio »

I'd definitely play in a myth tournament, or an RMP tournament; and if Seth/Susan did the first one, I'd cheerfully write the second one.
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Post by No Rules Westbrook »

I too would potentially be willing to write a myth singles tournament, and I think it would be worthwhile, if a majority of people were in favor of a singles that narrow in focus. I'd likely be somewhat less apt at religion and philosophy writing, especially the latter.

Let it be noted that I restrained myself from advocating a geography singles in that poll, despite the fact that I'd laugh my ass off and probably love playing it.
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Post by Matt Weiner »

I'd probably play anything except geography or science, although I think social science would also be ill-advised. There just aren't anywhere near 400 tossupable social science topics.

I'm equally intrigued by either the history or RMP events. Perhaps instead of deciding between M and RMP we could just do RM? There's enough crossover there anyway that usually the same person knows both on a team, and there's plenty of easy giveaways regardless, but philosophy attracts a different set of players.
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