PACE Saturday results

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PACE Saturday results

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Prelim records from the first day of the PACE NSC were as follows:


Detroit Catholic Central 7-0
Gonzaga 6-1
Richard Montgomery 5-2
Maggie Walker B 3-4
Fort Mill 3-4
Clover Hill 2-5
Brookwood B 2-5
Brindlee Mountain C 0-7


State College A 6-0
Brookwood A 5-1
Heritage A 4-2
Walter Johnson 3-3
St. John's 2-4
ASFA 1-5
Centennial B 0-6


Solon 6-1
Maggie Walker A 6-1
Thomas Jefferson B 6-1
State College B 4-3
Central Hardin 2-5
Brookwood C 2-5
Hardee Senior 2-5
Brindlee Mountain B 0-7


Thomas Jefferson A 7-0
Dorman 6-1
Mission San Jose 5-2
Centennial A 4-3
Brindlee Mountain A 3-4
Maggie Walker C 2-5
Culver Academies 1-6
Heritage B 0-7

The following playoff brackets will be playing tomorrow. The top two from each bracket will advance to the championship final four.

1. Thomas Jefferson A
2. Solon
3. Mission San Jose
4. Brookwood A
5. Gonzaga
6. Heritage A

1. State College A
2. Detroit Catholic Central
3. Maggie Walker A
4. Thomas Jefferson B
5. Richard Montgomery
6. Dorman

Best of luck to all teams tomorrow in both the championship and consolation playoffs.
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Post by mentalchocolate »

do you have the consolation brackets yet?
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hey what was that there deal with TJ A missing a player? will he be around for day two?
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Matt Weiner
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Championship results:

Semifinalists: Mission San Jose, Thomas Jefferson B
Second place: State College A
Champion: Thomas Jefferson A
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Post by Rothlover »

Did anyone give TJ the scare they had in the NAQT final?
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No, they won by something like 300 points.
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Website update

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I have updated the PACE NSC front page with a summary of results from today's events. I have updated the Results page listing this year's all-star members.

To let you know, the first and second alternates for the all-star team were
Mark Guerci (Maggie Walker Gov School A)
Sam Lederer (Thomas Jefferson A)

Since I order 10 medals in case people have to leave early to take their flights, I gave Sam his medal, and Mark's medal right now is with MW.
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Post by quizbowlmike »

Their average margin of victory in their second day bracket was 501 (which is more than any other team in either bracket averaged for total ppg). I think the final score was something like 530 - 145? but i'm not positive.
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