Putting Book Titles in Bodies of Questions

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Putting Book Titles in Bodies of Questions

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I just wanted to get everyone's opinions on this topic. Putting book titles before descriptions of plot, character names and facts about the author does not necessarily betray the principle of pyramidality, as many book titles are more obscure and less well known. For example, it is indisputable that almost all the plot points of The Sun Also Rises are more well known than the fact that Hemingway wrote "An Alpine Idyll". However, putting titles of works in the body of a question and even in power strikes me as bad practice, rewarding superficial and binary knowledge rather than actual dives into the meaning and substance of literature.

Do you guys think that putting work titles in the body of questions (i.e. not the last line) is a bad practice, or is it fine?
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Re: Putting Book Titles in Bodies of Questions

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Really depends on what book title you're talking about, what the difficulty level of the question is, etc. In general, a question should avoid dropping too many book titles in the body because this might be too easy or you're simply rewarding knowledge of an obscure title, rather than a quality clue. But I would see nothing wrong with a hypothetical question on an author that might go something like:

[Clue about tough but notable work. Harder clue about easier work. This author of First Work wrote about...--easier clue about easier work. For 10 points, name this author of easier work.]--obviously depends on the author and titles, though.
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