NAQT policy about descriptive answer lines and protests

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NAQT policy about descriptive answer lines and protests

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(split from the ACF Nationals thread, since Charlie brought up the topic of ICT protest resolution)
Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-TN) wrote:It is my strong opinion that in quizbowl, unless there is some kind of clear direction about how to account for leeway in a description, it is the responsibility of moderators to follow the answerline exactly as it exists on the page, and players should then lodge protests in response.
For the record: it is NAQT's position that staff should always follow the answer line exactly as written; they should not apply their own judgment unless the answer line specifically indicates that in-text.
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Re: NAQT policy about descriptive answer lines and protests

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After 10 years of quiz bowl, I'm not sure, but I do think that you're not ACF and you don't need to defend them.

But what if there's something nutty like the 2016 ACF Regionals answerline where they gave us the excellent "New York City" answerline at first playthrough? I understand that you're not in the business of defending ACF typos and no one plans for that to happen. But I feel that *some* level of common sense is expected from readers. Is there a cut-off, or is it preferable that readers blindly follow the pack?
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