ANNOUNCEMENT: Mimir's Well Harvest League (starting August 2)

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Mimir's Well Harvest League (starting August 2)

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[N.B. This post is not about a quizbowl tournament, but discussion with a forum mod led to the conclusion that this subforum was nevertheless the most appropriate venue for it]

Mimir's Well: What is it?

Daoud Jackson, George Charlson and I have started an online trivia league, which we think should appeal to quizbowl players. The first season (the "Midsummer League"), finished this past weekend. The final was on the 18th of July, and featured several familiar faces: Jakob Myers, Evan Lynch, Yogesh Raut and Steve Bahnaman, with Jakob taking the title. You can view the final here, to get an idea what the questions and format are like:

Basically, each game is played on a set of 60 questions, split into 15 themed sets of four ("quads"), where each player gets one question from each quad. If a player gets their question wrong, everyone else gets to have a guess at it, in an order determined by previous guesses. The distribution is about half high-brow (traditional QB topics), half low-brow (TV, film, games, sport, music, etc.).

You play one game a week, via Zoom, against three other players, and it can be at any time on any day that suits you and your opponents. Each Sunday, we'll send out the fixtures and contact details, and each week we release detailed stats about how every question played, who is leading the league in various categories, etc.

More detailed info about the rules of the format and related topics can be found on our website here:

Sample Questions

I have attached below the questions used in week 2 of the Midsummer League, so that those who don't feel like watching the full final can get a feel for whether the content is of the sort you would enjoy.

Midsummer League Week 2.pdf
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Harvest League

Lots of quizbowlers took part in the Midsummer League, and most of them have signed up to play in the upcoming Harvest League.

The Harvest League will commence on the week of August 2 and run for six weeks. The final week of games will run from September 6-13, with the grand final itself taking place on either the 12th or 13th.

You can find more information and sign up here, if you're interested:


The base fee is £15 (roughly $19) for your first season, covering 6 games. You can earn discounts for subsequent seasons by signing up to read games.

Contact details

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us here, or to email us at [email protected]
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Mimir's Well Harvest League (starting August 2)

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I would highly recommend playing this, the first league was excellent, with a high standard of questions and competition
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