Scattergories 4 (Summer 2020)

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Scattergories 4 (Summer 2020)

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I'm pleased to announce the fourth iteration of Scattegories, intended to be played as a side event in summer 2020. This version will be written by me and JinAh Kim, and will be more of the same Scattergories that you know and hopefully love: a very hard tournament about stuff that I like. As before, there will be 10 packets of 24 tossups each, and it'll cost $10 a player.

The distribution is:

3 fiction
3 poetry
1 drama
3 my choice lit
2 painting/sculpture
2 film
1 other visual arts
1 any visual arts
1 auditory arts
1 any arts
1 philosophy
1 social science
2 more thought
3 our choice

The only difference from last year's distro is that 1 "our choice" has been replaced with 1 "more thought," because my co-writer is a noted thinker.

There will be fewer exceptionally convoluted answerlines than last year, since some of the more out there stuff didn't play very well, but there will hopefully be just as much whimsy.
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Re: Scattergories 4 (Summer 2020)

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