Scotbowl 2020

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Scotbowl 2020

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UPD: Unfortunately, this tournament has now been postponed until early autumn, precise dates to be provided in due time.
scotbowl was probs most fun i had on a set this year — Joey Goldman
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I am very glad to announce that in 2020, Scotbowl will be offered for mirrors across the world. Scotbowl is a sui generis tournament written by the Glasgow and Edinburgh Quiz Societies and different from most conventional quizbowl tournaments in its distribution and certain aspects of writing philosophy. That being said, it is also very much an academic tournament with a genuine focus on asking about interesting things in creative ways.

Scotbowl is played in a 30/20 format until either the tossups or the bonuses run out. Tossups are relatively short, normally under 5 lines, each being worth 10 points as usual. Bonuses are worth 5 points each. Such approach allows us to be more adventurous with tossup answerlines since we can afford a proportion of them going dead, but still keeps the game fun and flowing since they are short. Five point bonuses, in turn, reduce the need for very easy easy parts and promote a more daring style of buzzing on tossups since the stakes for negging are lower. Moreover, as the name suggests, there is certainly a regional flavour to the set, and we would prefer to keep it that way (in retribution for having had to learn about things like "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" and somesuch).

In view of the above, it is hard to estimate the difficulty of Scotbowl on any conventional scale, so the best way to learn what is in store is to read this year's edition on the archive: it has been described by various people as "positively challenging" and we are aiming for the same target this year.

The Scottish event will take place on March 28, 2020, and the tournament will become available for mirrors from that date onwards. (Already there are plans to mirror it at UC San Diego, details pending.) We are prepared to be very flexible about who can play it and how, so please email me at my gmail handle brejka to register your interest and about any inquiries. Mirror fees are tbc at the moment.

We are planning to produce 13 packets with a dedicated finals packet with the following distribution:
4/2.66 History (1/0.66 of each Ancient, 476–1914, 1914–present, Common Links)
4/2.66 Literature (1/0.66 of each Anglophone, European, World, Common Links)
5/3.33 Science (1/0.66 of each Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Formal Sciences, Other Science/History of Science, Common Links)
4/2.66 Fine Art (1/0.66 of each Visual, Auditory, Other, Common Links)
3/2 RMP (1/0.66 of each Religion, Mythology, Philosophy)
1/0.66 Social Science
1/0.66 Modern World and Current Events
2/1.33 Geography (1/0.66 of each Physical Geography, Human Geography)
3/2 Pop Culture (1/0.66 of each Visual, Auditory, Sports)
3/2 Other (can be anything)

I would love to answer any questions you might have about Scotbowl and hope this community approaches such initiative with an open mind.
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Re: Scotbowl 2020

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Last year's packets were a blast to play. Hopefully this gets mirrored somewhere in the Midwest/Great Lakes regions.
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