Announcement: ACF Fall 2018 HS exemptions

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Announcement: ACF Fall 2018 HS exemptions

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For ACF Fall 2018, ACF will allow certain sites to open the field up to high school teams. This decision was made in the spirit of the discussion here — in order to encourage growth in small circuits that would benefit from having more teams at ACF Fall. We want to emphasize that this change is not intended to let strong HS teams play against new college teams, but rather to strengthen small college circuits that would benefit from several additional local high school teams at ACF Fall.

Sites hosting ACF Fall will need to apply to ACF for this exemption, and every high school that is allowed to play will need to be approved by ACF on a case-by-case basis. ACF will work with TDs of approved sites to make sure the criteria for the admission of high school teams follow the guidelines outlined above. Sites should contact [email protected] before ACF Fall registration ends in order to apply for this exemption.

Please feel free to direct any questions to me or post on this thread.
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