Canadian Hybrid Tournament (Spring/Summer 2018)

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Canadian Hybrid Tournament (Spring/Summer 2018)

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We are pleased to announce, as in true Canadian fashion, this year’s Hybrid tournament. This tournament will be written by Aayush Rajasekaran, Jack van Nostrand, Joe Su, with contributions from Faith Barrett. We will be writing most of the questions, but to not break from tradition, we will be accepting packet submissions (details below).

This tournament will be fully open and written at a Fall+/Regular- difficulty, akin to something like MUT+successors or Division 2 ICT. Tossups will be powermarked and capped at 7 lines. We are currently planning on producing 14 packets.

The distribution is roughly as follows. Use this as a guide for submissions. The projected tournamentwide distro will be posted in a later thread.

10/10 Academic

2/2 History (1/1 Western, 1/1 World/other)
2/2 Literature (0.5/0.5 long fiction/drama/poetry/other)
2/2 Science (1.25/1.25 big 3, 0.75/0.75 other)
2/2 RMPSS (0.5/0.5 each)
1/1 Fine art (0.5/0.5 audio/visual)
1/1 Geo, CE, Other

10/10 Trash

2/2 Sports (1.25/1.25 big 4, 0.75/0.75 other)
2/2 Movies (Split evenly at 2000)
2/2 Music (Split evenly at 1990)
1/1 TV (Split evenly at 2005)
1/1 Video Games (no more than 1 nintendo related question)
1/1 Trash lit (0.5/0.5 prose/comics)
1/1 Other (no more than 1 internet culture question)

The tiebreaker tossup will come from any categories.

* For sports and science in the submissions, round either way.

This will be a submission optional tournament. Here are the two submission deadlines. Submit by midnight PST on the day of:
January 7th - $40 off the attendance fee which includes $20 off the mirror fee
February 11th - $20 off the attendance fee which includes $10 off the mirror fee

We will accept half packets consisting of the either the entire academic or trash distributions for half the discounts. Please email submissions to [email protected] and follow ACF formatting guidelines.

The Canadian mirror of this site is to be confirmed, but will likely be on March 17th. This set will be available to mirror throughout the spring and summer. We will try to replace the most egregious Canadian content in preparation for American and/or British sites. Please contact [email protected] to set up a mirror or if you have any questions regarding the set.

Hosts can choose how much to charge players. The writers are asking for $35 CAD per team in attendance, minus appropriate packet writing discounts.
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Re: Canadian Hybrid Tournament (Spring/Summer 2018)

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This post reserved for writing updates and paque submissions and such.

Writing update

December 11th: 15% TUs, 16% bonuses written (unedited).
January 11th: 30% TUs, 24% bonuses written (unedited).
February 2nd: 52% TUs, 46% bonuses written (unedited).
March 7th: 81% TUs, 77% bonuses written (unedited).

Paque submissions

-$40 deadline
Aaron Dos Remedios
Aayush Rajasekaran (he/him or she/her)
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Re: Canadian Hybrid Tournament (Spring/Summer 2018)

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Just played this at the Canadian site in Queen's yestersay, and I can say that it was a good and fun tournament. Questions were well-written and generally well-clued and difficulty was usually at the target level (though there were some incosistencies). There was a fair bit of variance in content between packets, but that's natural for hybrid tournaments since the distribution gets cut in half. Overall, certainly glad I played it.
I hope a private discussion forum gets set up so I can make the more specific comments I have.
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