CLEAR (CAHOOTS-Like Event At Rutgers) 04/19/14

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CLEAR (CAHOOTS-Like Event At Rutgers) 04/19/14

Post by CWSYuen » Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:42 am

Rutgers would like to announce that we are hosting CLEAR (CAHOOTS-Like Event At Rutgers) a guerrilla, themed-packets tournament on April 19th, 2014 (the weekend after ACF Nationals). We apologize for the Easter weekend date.

Packets: Rutgers has listed the packets we plan to write below. Packet submissions are welcomed and much desired. Submitted packets should be of any length greater than 10 tossups and can have any tossup/bonus composition. Packet writers should indicate the intended length and composition of their packets if they pledge a packet to this cause. While the topics of the submitted packets can be of academic, trash, or hybrid nature, we aim to keep CLEAR as academic as possible and hope that the submissions reflect this fact.

Rutgers Packets (Updated 02/05/14)
-Compsci/Math (aimed for undergrads/grads) (20 Tossups)
-DRAGONS (15/15)
-Organic Chemistry (20 Tossups)
-Ottoman History (15 Tossups, 15 Bonuses)
-Scandanavian Literature (Length Unknown)

URochester Packets (Updated 02/05/14)
-Politics (Length Unknown)
-Comic Books and Graphic Novels (Length Unknown)
-Music (Length Unknown)

Mirrors would be free if the team at the hosting site contribute packets. The following schools are hosting mirrors:

-University of Rochester

This would be an open tournament in which anyone from high school students to retirees may play. The payment is $10 per person. This is mainly meant to be played as a singles tournament. There will be no travel or buzzer discount, but, as we do need buzzers to play non-slapbowl games, we would much appreciate it if you brought a set or two.

Transportation: The grand city of New Brunswick, NJ, where Rutgers University is located, may be reached by public transportation from New York City. One could take the Northeast Corridor line of the NJ Transit trains from Penn Station or the Coach Suburban buses (line 100) from Grand Central Station. One can also access New Brunswick from Philadelphia via a SEPTA train to Trenton and the Northeast Corridor to New Brunswick. You could also drive yourself here if being crammed in confined spaces with total strangers isn't your thing.

Please contact me at if you are interested in this tournament.
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