SCOPQ: A Team-Building Worksheet Game

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SCOPQ: A Team-Building Worksheet Game

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Give your players a competition-fueled way to build their ability to work as a team on bonuses while learning important content! SCOPQ provides you with everything you need to structure a part of your team's practices around bonus-focused learning in all quizbowl categories.

SCOPQ is short for SCOP Quizzes, a new teaching game from the writers of SCOP Novice and SCOP MS question sets. SCOPQ provides you with a set of study guides and team-focused worksheets to create a framework for training your team to work together on bonuses.

Worksheets: Each week includes four worksheet quizzes with fifteen questions each, covering history, literature, science, and one minor category (fine arts, philosophy, religion, mythology, or social sciences). These timed worksheets will help teams learn the deeper clues in difficulty-tiered bonuses by presenting them with three graduating levels of questions: five questions on each sheet will mimic the difficulty of easy bonus parts; five will be medium difficulty; and five will test players with hard-difficulty clues that mimic the higher end of regular-difficulty high school quizbowl content.

Study Guides: Weeks 1 through 4 in each season will also include a set of study guides that will help your team study for the following week's quizzes, with information on using common internet resources to further their understanding of the following week's topics.

Standings: After each competition week is complete, you will be able to see your team's scores posted in a sortable Google spreadsheet, where you can compare your team's overall performance, and their performance on individual worksheets, to that of other teams from your state, or to the entire field of participating teams.

The cost is $10 per team per quiz week or $45 per semester. That $10 gets you four fifteen-question worksheets each competition week, plus a set of study guides to help your team with the following week's worksheets. You can add a second (and third, etc) team for $5/week. There is no limit to the number of players who may contribute on your quizzes, so you only need to pay for a second team if you want to submit two sets of scores per test week.

Register for the whole semester in advance by filling out the registration form at You can also register for each week at any point in the semester by filling out the registration form. For more information and details about SCOPQ, visit or email strey.k.a [at]
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