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Freelance Tossups?

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:39 am
by BobGHHS
I'm working on an Ohio-format set for next year to help raise money to take our new (this year) team to Nationals in 2017. The Ohio format has been changed over the past few years to make the final round into 20 pyramidal tossups.

If anyone has questions they would like to donate or if you be would be willing to help write some, it would be appreciated. Any subject is fine, as I haven't set the distribution I want to use yet. Easier to medium difficulty is what I'm aiming for. For a gauge on length, in google docs with 1 inch margins, I'm writing in times new roman, 12 font and aiming for between 5-6 lines.

If you can help out, please shoot me an email at bk31883 <at> gmail <dot> com.

Re: Freelance Tossups?

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:52 pm
by BobGHHS
I'm still looking for some freelance help. Evan Lynch and the Cambridge team sent me a fantastic number of tossups already, and Mike Cheyne helped out.

Lit and fine arts are basically done, but I need a bunch in geography, RMP/Soc Sci and sciences.

If anyone has some time this month or early in August before you head back to school, please shoot me an email at bk31883 <at> gmail <dot> com.

I appreciate any help we can get as we will be using this set and the mirrors of it in Ohio to hopefully get to HSNCT and/or PACE next year.