Science Bowl Moderating

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Science Bowl Moderating

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A week from Saturday I'm going to be moderating at a regional science bowl tournament, and as a part of the training they told us not to give the correct answer if neither team buzzes in during the question, just move on to the next tossup without giving the answer to the question that just went dead (but do reveal it if at least one team put forth a guess). I was wondering if any of you who played Science Bowl more recently know what the proper procedure is; I can't find anything in their official rules about this, but I find it ridiculous not to reveal the answer after a question goes dead.
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Re: Science Bowl Moderating

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Everything about Science Bowl is ridiculous and terrible. Act according to the dictates of your conscience, but if anyone tells you specifically to do things differently, follow. I recall having moderators say the answers to dead questions.
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Re: Science Bowl Moderating

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At our regional (and at nationals as I recall), they don't reveal answers to ANY missed questions during games. They will tell you missed answers if you ask after a game is over, but that's it.

Sci Bowl has some really complex rules, but if your regional is run anything like the one at A&M, they will give you a ton of help in the room (science judge, scorer, recognizer, rules judge, etc.). Hopefully someone there will be able to guide you in the right direction. Best thing I can tell you is to try and let go of your QB moderating instincts and go with the flow.
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Re: Science Bowl Moderating

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Will we get an update as to exactly how "ridiculous and terrible" the event was?
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Re: Science Bowl Moderating

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Marble-faced Bristle Tyrant wrote:Will we get an update as to exactly how "ridiculous and terrible" the event was?
The most ridiculous thing I have about it is multiple choice questions. (And multiple choice questions that must be answered word-for-word, if they are not simply answered with the letter of the choice.)
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Re: Science Bowl Moderating

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Ohio State

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