Raleigh Charter Free Middle School Quiz Bowl/Science Bowl

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Raleigh Charter Free Middle School Quiz Bowl/Science Bowl

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Raleigh Charter High School would like to invite you for our annual Middle School Quiz Bowl/Science Bowl Tournament. It will be on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 9 - 12. It is totally free and a great opportunity for students to have the fun of competition about material appropriate to their grade level. Our students are writing the questions and they’ve been having fun trying to remember what they learned in middle school and what students might reasonably be expected to know.

The competition will include both Quiz Bowl and Science Bowl questions since we combined two events to which our students wanted to expose middle-schoolers.

Basically, what this means is that each round will consist of a total of 24 questions with 12 questions in the QB format and in the categories of Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Nonacademic. Then there will be 12 questions based on Science.

The format of the rules are slightly different since the science bowl questions are modeled on the high school competition which uses multiple-choice answers. That means students should be advised to wait until all choices are read for the science questions unless they are very sure of the exact wording of the answers.

I attached the rules and a sample round of questions from last year of both types of questions that you can use to give the students an idea of the format and level of difficulty of questions as well as the rules and a map to our school.

All a team has to do to participate is to get a group of 3 – 6 students together and contact me to let me know that you want to participate. A teacher is not necessary, but is certainly welcome. It’s always fun to see the kids get excited about what they know. Parents are also extremely welcome to come and watch. A school can bring more than one team.

If you should happen to have your own buzzer system that you could bring to help us out, that would be wonderful! We have enough for eight teams to participate, but if a few teams could provide their own buzzer systems for the morning, we can extend our limits for teams participating.

Please contact me if you're interested. It's not too late to register.
Betsy Newmark
Raleigh Charter High School
Raleigh, NC
[email protected]
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