NAQT rules changes for 2020-2021

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NAQT rules changes for 2020-2021

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(cross-posted from the high school section --JTH)

NAQT has made a number of changes to its rules and policies for the 2020–2021 season.

Some highlights:

-Bonus questions are now paired with tossup questions. This does not refer to content (i.e., tossups and bonuses are not related in terms of content, or if they are, it is a coincidence); it only refers to numbering and presentation. For example, if tossups 1 and 3 are answered correctly but tossup 2 is not, then bonuses 1 and 3 will be read, but bonus 2 will not be read.

-In the Middle School Eligibility Rules and High School Eligibility Rules, we added extensive rules regarding online schools and homeschools, and clarified the effect of non-online schools implementing online instruction temporarily.

Full details are here.
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