New Team at American University

This forum is for anyone seeking advice on starting a collegiate team, branching out into new types of tournaments, or other "how-to" aspects of collegiate quizbowl.
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New Team at American University

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Hello folks,

My name is Mintaro Oba, and I am the president of American University Quiz Bowl. We've been practicing for about one semester, but have no collegiate quiz bowl experience. I played under NAQT rules for four years as a high school student in Tennessee. We're based in Washington, DC. As far as we know, no other DC area schools have a quiz bowl program. Our travel would probably be limited to novice tournaments in DC/MD/VA for now (University of Maryland is obviously a prime candidate, if not the only one). We'd love to hear from others with information, advice, or anything else. My email is [email protected] and the team's Facebook page is: ... 729?ref=ts

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Re: New Team at American University

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George Mason has an active team, George Washington seems to have a team every now and then, and Georgetown has been known to appear from time to time. I hear whispers that there are people at Montgomery college that want to be an active team. However, UMD is still by far the most active team in the DC area. Mid-atlantic quizbowl is a little widespread, but most tournaments will be within 2-3 hours of DC.
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Re: New Team at American University

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Does "DC area" to you mean "literally located in Washington D.C."? Because if not (it shouldn't), obviously UMCP and George Mason are both extremely close and play/host lots of tournaments.
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Re: New Team at American University

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Welcome to the circuit. George Mason is definitely active in the DC area, although it is unlikely that we will host any college tournaments this semester.

If you're limiting yourself to easier tournaments, I would recommend that you consider the slightly-longer-than-usual trip to Moravian College for our region's NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament (or SCT) on February 5. Division II at that tournament is pretty easy, and aside from MUT, there don't appear to be any other tournaments beneath regular difficulty this semester.
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Re: New Team at American University

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George Washington has a team that occasionally attends things as well (and if their admissions and financial aid people are nice will have one Raynell Cooper on their roster who will make sure they attend things.) They've got about 8 members but are growing pretty steadily.
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Re: New Team at American University

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One of my good friends, and ex-players at MSU is an undergrad at American. I sent him a link to your facebook page.

Edit: Friend shit his pants when he found out, will almost certainly be at next practice.
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Re: New Team at American University

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I would reconsider your decision to only attend novice tournaments. One of the best (and easiest) ways to get better at quizbowl is to play as much of it as you can, even at very high levels where you might not answer too many questions at first.
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