Preseason Poll, 2018-19... with results!

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Preseason Poll, 2018-19... with results!

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is out now! If you're not on my mailing list and would like to cast a ballot, please PM me or email me at g.brisontrezise [at] gmail. The ideal voter: is a player, coach, or observer well acquainted with the top teams from most high school quizbowl circuits; possesses the time and will to add to their knowledge through careful statistical research; and will construct their ranking in a thoughtful, even-handed manner.

The deadline for submissions is a minute before midnight a week from tomorrow. I'll aim to post the results early that week.



1. Thomas Jefferson A (Alexandria, Va.) — 448 POINTS (18)*
2. Stevenson (Lincolnshire, Ill.) — 401 (1)
3. Beavercreek (Beavercreek, Ohio) — 396
4. James E. Taylor (Katy, Texas) — 394 (2)
5. Ladue (St. Louis, Mo.) — 375 (1)

6. Montgomery Blair (Silver Spring, Md.) — 368
7. LASA (Austin, Texas) — 321
8. Canyon Crest (San Diego, Calif.) — 292
9. Northview (Johns Creek, Ga.) — 273
10. Hunter (New York, N.Y.) — 230
11. Lexington (Lexington, Mass.) — 208
12. Miami Valley (Dayton, Ohio) — 205
13. Strake Jesuit (Houston, Texas) — 188
14. High Tech (Lincroft, N.J.) — 173
15. Rockford Auburn (Rockford, Ill.) — 160
16. Wayzata (Plymouth, Minn.) — 156
17. Plano West (Plano, Texas) — 133
18. Arcadia (Arcadia, Calif.) — 129
19. IMSA (Aurora, Ill.) — 117
T-20. Chattahoochee (Johns Creek, Ga.) — 115
T-20. St. John's (Houston, Texas) — 115
22. Detroit Catholic Central (Novi, Mich.) — 113
23. University Lab (Urbana, Ill) — 107
24. Richard Montgomery (Rockville, Md.) — 95
25. Thomas Jefferson B (Alexandria, Va.) — 54

Also receiving votes: Wilmington Charter (Del.) 52, Georgetown Day (D.C.) 22, Ithaca (N.Y.) 19, Allderdice (Pa.) 13, Solon (Ohio) 10, McLean (Va.) 5, Dunbar (Ky.) 3, Early College at Guilford (N.C.) 3, Ed W. Clark (Nev.) 3, Henderson County (Ky.) 2

* first-place votes

Twenty-two voters contributed ballots to the preseason poll. They are:

Jacob Augelli (Vanderbilt University, formerly Robinson [Va.])
John Brown (University of Virginia, formerly Tazewell [Va.])
Christopher Gismondi (coach, Detroit Catholic Central)
John John and William Groger (junior and sophomore, respectively, Miami Valley)
Troy Harris (assistant coach, Plymouth [N.H.])
Waley He (senior, Wilmington Charter)
John Heslin (coach, Centennial [Md.])
Wonyoung Jang (University of Chicago, formerly Belmont [Mass.])
Kevin Kodama (senior, Oak Park-River Forest [Ill.])
Colin McNamara (Idaho Quiz and Academic Teams)
Ben Miller (University of Chicago, formerly Montgomery Blair)
Jacob O'Rourke (assistant coach, Washington High School [Mo.])
Hari Parameswaran (senior, Beavercreek)
Raj Paul (senior, Ladue)
Michael Powers (senior, Louisiana [Mo.])
Mason Reid (senior, Glasgow [Ky.])
Nick Rommel (senior, Lexington)
Sohum Shenoy (senior, Wilmington Charter)
Rohan Venkateswaran (junior, Westview [Calif.])
Felix Wang (senior, St. Joseph Central [Mo.])
William Wang (junior, Thomas Jefferson)
Fred Zhang (senior, Thomas Jefferson)

Thank you all for your time and effort!
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Re: Preseason Poll, 2018-19

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Re: Preseason Poll, 2018-19

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Results above!

A few notes:

-- Voters' institutional affiliations are listed for identification purposes only; the selections voters make are theirs alone.

-- Given the high rate of participation in this poll, I decided to drop the two highest and lowest rankings from each team's total; previously, I dropped only the one highest and lowest. This seemed to me a sensible quality-control measure.

-- I welcome up to two ballots from within a program (see Wilmington Charter and Thomas Jefferson, above), but direct voters to devise their rankings independently of friends and teammates.

-- Some ballots arrived before the Scottie, some after. While I intended this as a preseason poll, I invited voters to factor the results of Saturday's tournament into their rankings.

-- I am fallible, so if you notice any math fumbles or other issues please let me know and I'll correct them at my earliest convenience.
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Re: Preseason Poll, 2018-19... with results!

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A bit late, but Fred Zhang wrote this writeup primarily based on the preseason poll and other hsqb events: ... -analysis/
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