2018 NASAT Predictions

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2018 NASAT Predictions

Post by nycaqb1999 »

It's probably a bit early for this sort of thing, but which states do you think will put up strong NASAT teams? What are your predictions for who might win?
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Re: 2018 NASAT Predictions

Post by Chromica »

While I can't comment on other states, I can point out that Pennsylvania retains a very large portion of scoring (only one graduating player), and between Alex Schmidt being as good as ever and a whole crop of very talented players coming around this year/returning from last year, I have the sense that Pennsylvania will put up a very good showing in June.
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Re: 2018 NASAT Predictions

Post by AGoodMan »

Obviously I want IL to three-peat, but I'm not sure we can... Texas will be strong.
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Re: 2018 NASAT Predictions

Post by 1992 in spaceflight »

How about we wait for a field to materialize first?
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