Pixl and Paper Ready - A Paper Mario Packet

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Pixl and Paper Ready - A Paper Mario Packet

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I read the tossups from my Paper Mario packet (20/20, evenly split between the first three games) on the Discord a few minutes ago. Stats are as follows:

Matt - 3/4/1 - 80 points
Peter - 1/1/1 - 20 points
David - 1/1/3 - 10 points
Victor - 0/1/0 - 10 points
Finn - 0/1/1 - 5 points
Emily - 0/1/3 - -5 points
(if I got something wrong with these stats and you actually care, dm me on discord)

The packet, with a fair number of typos and formatting wonkiness I was too lazy to fix, is attached.
also if anyone cares I'm writing an Ace Attorney packet, to be done and read whenever I have the time
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