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Guidelines for announcing "random packets" to be played online

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:54 am
by theMoMA
Following the tradition of the Great Mike Cheyne, many quizbowlers have found it fun and rewarding to write online packets to be read on the Discord, IRC, or other chat service. We on the board staff have nothing but encouragement for these often delightfully whimsical efforts.

Until now, such packets have been announced in a single thread. In an effort to make it easier to see these announcements and archive these packets, we'd like you to announce them here, following these guidelines:

* Announce all online "random packets" in this subforum, regardless of whether they are academic, trash, or a mix. (If you're writing a multi-packet event intended to be played primarily in person, even if it's on a niche subject, you should announce in the applicable tournament announcement subforum.)

* Create an individual thread with the subject matter and, if applicable, the name of your packet. Include the pertinent logistical details, such as date, time, chat service, etc.; it's ok if you're announcing tentatively or trying to find a good time for people to play the packet.

* When your packet has been played, if you're comfortable releasing your packet into the wild, please create a post in the thread that attaches the packet document. (You can attach documents to posts via the standard posting form.)

Sadly, many of these fun packets have been lost to history because they were never posted anywhere. Hopefully, having individual threads and encouraging people to post their packets will ensure that everyone who wants to can find your work and play your questions!