Welcome to the new subforum for announcements of practices and other unofficial gameplay!

All announcements for open practices, online or in-person scrimmages, the playing of online packets, and online or in-person playtesting goes in this forum. (Official Skype/Discord tournaments should still be announced in the relevant tournament announcement forums.)
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Welcome to the new subforum for announcements of practices and other unofficial gameplay!

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Hi everyone,

With summer coming soon, and summer practices just around the corner, the management decided that the forums could use a new subforum for announcing unofficial gameplay.

This subforum should be used to announce:

* Open practices
* Scrimmages
* Online packets (i.e. the "random packet announcements" thread from the trash subforum that's been moved here)
* Playtesting (including playtesting mirrors of upcoming events)

This subforum should not be used to announce "official" online mirrors of fresh sets; use the appropriate announcement subforum for those.

Rules and guidelines for the subforum:

* Use this subforum regardless of whether your practice/event is going to be online or in person.

* This subforum should be used for high school, college, and open announcements, so if there are restrictions on who can attend, please say so in the post title. (We've noticed that a lot of open practice announcements are double posted, and we're hoping that we can consolidate everything into one subforum.)

* If your practice/event is going to take place in person, note the city/region prominently in the title of your thread.

* A note on board rules: Because this subforum is intended as a one-stop shop for unofficial gameplay at both the high school and college level, please abide by the high school section restrictions when posting here.

* Consult stickied threads for guidelines on how to announce scrimmages and "random packets."

We hope you find this a useful addition to the forums! If you have any questions or suggestions, please post in this thread or send them via private message to board staffers or email at [email protected].
Andrew Hart
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