New Quizbowl Team Informational Meeting Content

New high school teams looking for advice should post here.
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New Quizbowl Team Informational Meeting Content

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Hello everyone!

I recently started a quizbowl team at my high school to cultivate my love of it. I have known about quizbowl for a long time, but my high school hasn't really an idea about what it is exactly, so I finally started up a team.

Anyway, I have realized that people may want to know what exactly quizbowl is (e.g. what makes it not Jeopardy!) even though they're excellent at it without knowing it. In response to this, I have decided to first have an informational meeting for anyone who may be interested, and then people can sign up and stuff.

I will be doing a presentation (simple PowerPoint) to display all the information I want to convey. I will be including what quizbowl is, how tossups/bonus works, and how our hs team specifically will be operating (e.g. what tournaments to attend, how teams will function).

Is there any advice you can give me for delivering a great informational meeting? Anything specific that would be worth mentioning?

Thanks so much in advance guys!
Rahul Ramakrishnan
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Re: New Quizbowl Team Informational Meeting Content

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I believe Lily Chen and Adam Kalinich, both of MIT, made a powerpoint about those very concerns. ... sh#p252540
Adam Sperber
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