Interested in hosting a tournament

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Interested in hosting a tournament

Post by WSchneider »

Kings Park is looking at the prospect of hosting a tournament, but we're rather unsure about how to go about it. We have a large pool of schools and teams to contact about it, and we're in a rather populous region (Long Island), but beyond that we're not sure how we should work our tournament.

My main questions (on behalf of my team) are:

- What should the cost of competition be? should it be uniform for multiple teams? or lesser for additional teams?
- What sort of discounts should we offer for moderators/buzzer systems
- (Matter of preference) How many rounds should we offer before playoffs? Should we run consolation games of any variety?
- were planning on an NAQT format, but I'm personally in favor of a house-written tournament (as it helps us study)... Which would be a better format and would make for an all-around better day?
- Knowing that generally there are 2 other regional NAQT tournaments (in October and January) we were planning for March or April, would this work in our favor or against us given the 2 other tournaments proximity geographically?
- Finally, what resources would you recommend we investigate for statistics keeping and tournament organization? In terms of scoresheets and software, etc.

Any answers you could give me at all are VERY appreciated, thank you so much!


I sat down with our coach and he made some judgements:
* $10 off the cost for each buzzer or moderator... All schools bringing two or more teams must bring a buzzer or a moderator... three or more,a buzzer is a must
* We'll be having 5 rounds before lunch (easier for scheduling)
* We're definately doing NAQT, we'll do an IS packet, the number of which we'll determine closer to the date, which will be March 19th 2011
* We also decided to use SQBS for statkeeping
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Re: Interested in hosting a tournament

Post by Golran »

Please run something! Help populate L.I. with good quizbowl as opposed to the RQB stuff. Anyways, to answer some of your questions with my opinions:

The cost should depend on your funding situation and the general price in the region, as well as how many rounds you offer. I'd say to look back at what LIFT cost, or HHHW cost and go from there, see if those fees will provide enough to cover your expenses for rooms, breakfast etc. You probably should offer similar discounts for buzzers and staff, as that's become pretty much standard.

As far as NAQT vs. housewrite, I'd advise to not try writing an entire tournament if you don't have significant writing experience, as I doubt the tournament would have a good reception, and teams probably wouldn't come back the next year. If you contribute to and mirror a different housewrite, that should alleviate some of the problems as there should be experienced editors overseeing the project.

You're probably fine with any date, as there are enough tournaments outside L.I. that teams would attend. I'd love it if you hold it during my Spring break so I could come staff, but that's personal preference, so don't think too much of it. Just make sure it's not on an SAT date and not too close to AP exams.

As far as scorekeeping stuffs, you can use the scoresheets on NAQT's website for any format, and then put them in with SQBS, found free at . This has become pretty much the standard for scoresheet entry. Please keep individual statistics and bonus conversion, as these are very useful for comparisons across the country, and extremely simple to generate with SQBS. There's also an online stat entry program that someone here at UCLA wrote so you can input the stats from multiple computers. I can ask him about it if you want, or you can explore it at .

Hope this helps, and I hope I can get out to this next spring!
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Re: Interested in hosting a tournament

Post by Irreligion in Bangladesh »

Is your preference for a March/April tourney based on needing the time to write a full housewritten set? If so, then you could combine "writing some questions to study" with "hosting an early tournament to gain funds for the season-to-come" as well as leave things open to host another tournament in March/April by looking into the SCOP Novice set. We'd love to have a New York-area mirror (and depending on how the New York circuit works, having one in Long Island may or may not preclude an upstate-NY mirror to go with it)!
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Re: Interested in hosting a tournament

Post by The Goffman Prophecies »

Some recommended answers to these questions are available through PACE's Freelance Quizbowl University series, which are published on our website at

I'd recommend especially reviewing the article on using SQBS:
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Re: Interested in hosting a tournament

Post by AKKOLADE »

Bumping this, since the first post was updated.
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Re: Interested in hosting a tournament

Post by Golran »

Generally requiring a buzzer and moderator for multiple teams is not always a great idea, as you won't know what kind of quality you'll be getting, and some teams may not have buzzers. Also, some schools may want to attend without a coach, and because the coach is not there will not be able to bring a buzzer system, which would limit the school to one team.

I just checked the date, and it's during my spring break, so I should be able to staff, and I'll do what I can to motivate teams from Ward Melville to come.
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