Don't Post Asking for Stats (Instantly)

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Don't Post Asking for Stats (Instantly)

Post by Cheynem »

Hey folks.

After a tournament is run, it's pretty normal to want to see stats. As I player, I always wanted to see them instantly and sometimes it works and we get them instantly. As a tournament director, I also know that posting stats the day of a tournament doesn't always get to happen.

As a moderator, I am reinforcing these basically extant rules/guidelines about asking for statistics after a tournament:

1. Do not post in a tournament thread asking for stats the day of a tournament or the day after a tournament. For example, if it is a Saturday tournament, please wait until at least Monday before posting. It's certainly okay to make a request of a tournament that ran a week ago to post its stats, a bit less so if the tournament finished yesterday evening.

2. If someone has already requested stats in the thread, do not post also requesting stats, especially so if very little time has passed.

3. Of course, I would also urge all TD's and statskeepers to continue in timely and expedient posting of stats as well, as that is part of a tournament's responsibility.

I can't officially say anything, but I think warnings may eventually come for people who continually violate rules 1 and 2.
Mike Cheyne
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Re: Don't Post Asking for Stats (Instantly)

Post by theMoMA »

Mike is spot on, and I also plan to enforce this rule a little more diligently.

I'd also like to take this chance to remind everyone that all users of this board should have a valid email address connected to their account. (Click on a person's username and on the left side you should see a link labeled "E-mail address.")

A lot of the board rules, such as our rules about asking for stats, recognize that this is a public board for disseminating useful information about quizbowl, not the outlet for every thought about quizbowl that crosses every user's mind. It's also important to remember that most users, myself included, check their email far more often than the board. So if you have a question for a particular board user that is of limited value to others (not just a stats inquiry), please use the email option to ask it to that user specifically.
Andrew Hart
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