ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

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This was a very fun and well-run tournament despite the slight delay at the start. You should definitely consider hosting more tournaments in the future. Also, the visual arts tournament was awesome.
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

Post by Beastman »

I enjoyed the tournament. It gave me a good expectation of what it will be like if I do end up playing in college. The science blew my mind, as a high school history player.
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

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This was a quality tournament, and as a bonus it was a nice change of scenery from the flatness of the land around the Midwestern plains at the colleges OSU usually goes to for tournaments. I am definitely looking forward to attending later tournaments here.
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

Post by powerplant »

Update on why stats are taking so long to get corrected: I'm a mac user, and so I need access to my stats guy's computer to fix everything. He deleted the files once I returned his computer to him Saturday night, so I've input about half of the stats on his computer again, and I'll finish those either tonight or tomorrow night and get the correct stats uploaded. Thanks to everyone that sent me corrections, I noted those on the scoresheets for the corresponding matches, and the stats I get posted should be correct once they're up.
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

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Gerd Bockmann wrote:
powerplant wrote:
Crazy Andy Watkins wrote:I hope you find an eleventh team so you can support a bye.
In the event that no team materializes out of the ether, we'll be fielding a house team of my novice freshmen, for that very purpose.
Why isn't Danville sending a team? It's not like they have to travel far. Or at all.

While the packet writing was a concern (which was alleviated almost immediately by Andy), the larger issue is that none of our top players ended up being available. Ethan was in Lexington for the UK/UT game, Stacy was sick, Rachel had family plans, and Dowell and I were already committed to helping the Middle School run their regional tournament.

And when I say it was a concern, it's not because I don't want them writing questions or don't have them write questions (I do). It's because I didn't want to make a decision this year that would potentially cause us an extra hassle in the future. If they would have to submit such a packet, then I would have likely forgotten about it until a week before some hypothetical tournament in the future.
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

Post by SoLegit12 »

When and where will this set be posted?
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

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It was emailed to George Berry some time ago for posting on; no telling when he'll post it.
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Centre T-Party Mirror 2/13/2010

Post by jonah »

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