TRASH in 2010

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TRASH in 2010

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This is a two-part topic. First, are there any TRASH tournaments planned in 2010 other than the two mentioned on these forums? Due to a number of transportation issues, we missed every single one in Fall 2009, and the consensus on the team seems to be that that is a damn shame.

Second, if there aren't any tournaments or at least very many planned, what would be the interest in a TRASH tournament run in Pittsburgh sometime in March? The tournament would most likely be packet submission, exact date, price, and set composition to be determined.

Thanks very much.
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Re: TRASH in 2010

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CO Trash
Penn Bowl Trash II

-An all-movie side event is in the writing stage, but the editors have yet to announce when it will be played.
-Trashtwostrophe (a collaboration between Jeff Geringer and several others) is somewhere between the consideration and writing stage. The last I heard was that the editors sought to have it complete by March to be used as a side event at a tournament at Illinois.
-I am considering writing a trash tournament this summer (making it available for Fall 2010 tournaments as a side event), but I wouldn't count on that until I make a more formal announcement.

EDIT: In the interests of keeping one collective list of Trash tournaments (thus avoiding future similar threads), I will (try to) update my post as people point out more tournaments or I hear of more tournaments.
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Re: TRASH in 2010

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I think Penn would be up for sending a team for a potential tournament in March. However, I don't know the exact date you are planning it for. It could potentially fall in our spring break, in which case we probably could not get a team together. In terms of other tournaments, does anyone know if GARBAGE is supposed to happen this year? I have not heard anything about it up to this point.
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Re: TRASH in 2010

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I don't have plans on a GARBAGE event. My personal project is the movies tournament I'm working on.
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Re: TRASH in 2010

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There are also a couple more tournaments that haven't been mentioned yet.
2. CO Trash, whose head writer is the premier Wendell Willkie doppelganger in quiz bowl, Michael Arnold.
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