Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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Harvard will probably host HI on March 20th; however, we just wanted to make sure that is the best possible date. We are trying to draw as many teams as possible to the main site. So, I wanted to ask teams that are considering traveling to HI: Which date is better for you? Which date will make it more likely for you to attend?
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Re: Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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Re: Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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Re: Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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I don't think it matters for Brown, as far as I can tell.
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Re: Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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I would prefer it be ready for a mirror by 3/13. I want to play it, but we are running NAQT State on march 20th.
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Re: Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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I'd love to play, perhaps as part of a bastard team. The date doesn't matter to me.
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Re: Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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We might come out to this, especially with no Cardinal Classic; if we do, the 20th makes it significantly more likely for us to come.
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Re: Date for HI: 3/13 or 3/20?

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BTW, since this is taking over for FICHTE, we'd love to see a Midwest mirror, much like FICHTE had last year at UIUC.
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