ACF Fall Southwest 10/31 at UT-Austin

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ACF Fall Southwest 10/31 at UT-Austin

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Hello all,

UT-Austin is happy to announce that we are hosting ACF Fall this year on 10/31 for the Southwest region. If you have never played it, ACF Fall is intended as a very low-difficulty tournament that should be appropriate for anyone interested, especially novices.

The base entry fee will be $120 per team. Discounts that are not related to packet submissions will include:
• $5 off for each functional 8-person buzzer set.
• $10 off for each staffer.
• $10 off for every 200 miles you traveled (will be determined by mapquest).
• $25 for every team that is new to ACF. This applies to a team from a school that did not attend any of the ACF-sponsored tournaments between September 1, 2007, and now.
• $75 off for every team that is new to quizbowl. This also includes teams who only attended IS-set tournaments or College Bowl/Honda CASC between September 1, 2007, and now.

Packet discounts: Any team that has a member who did not play in a quizbowl tournament before September 1st, 2008 is exempt from having to submit a packet. The exceptions to this are if you played in an IS-set tournament, or if you played in a tournament run as part of the College Bowl Company or Honda CASC. Every other team that intends to play this tournament will be expected to submit a packet, or else will be subject to not playing in the tournament. If you submit your packets by the following dates, you will receive the corresponding discount:

• Sept 19, 2009: -$50
• Sept 26, 2009: -$25 (-$50 for teams not required to submit packets)
• Oct 10, 2009: No penalty (-$25 for teams not required to submit packets)
• Oct 17, 2009: +$25
• Oct 24, 2009: +$50
• After Oct. 24, 2009: The editors may grant one or more 24-hour extensions at an additional penalty of $10 per day.

Please send your completed packets to [email protected], and make the subject line “ACF Fall 2009: [Team Name].” Please go to to read more specifics about how to distribute and format your packet.

To register a team, please email me at [email protected]. As always with UT tournaments, if financial difficulties are all that are keeping you from attending, let us know and we can try to work something out.

See you all on Halloween.

-Eric Kwartler

Thanks to Charlie, whose announcement text I shamelessly ripped off.
Eric Kwartler
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