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Re: ACF distribution

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My logic for art film tends to be this:

1. Was it conceived as a "popular" film or as an "art" film?
2. Does it have a sufficiently strong critical reputation?
3. Is it just under the radar from the casual American so that it rewards deep knowledge? (This would rule stuff out like The Godfather, which is extremely important in film history, very critically praised, but is just too culturally ubiquitous to really be placed in the art film distribution)
4. Is it foreign?
5. Does it have important historical significance (i.e., stuff like The Great Train Robbery, The Birth of a Nation, The Jazz Singer)?

If it hits most of these marks, I feel comfortable writing about it for the "Art Film" distro.

For literature, I typically take the tack of thinking "Would you study this in an academic literature class at college?" I'm not saying it has to be completely set in stone, but that's a good way for me to rule out some of the musty lit stuff which is fun to read but not overly academic and may best be served for some other part of the disribution or like a third part of a bonus or something.
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