The Experiment II

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Re: The Experiment II

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Bakery, State, and Utopia wrote:I apologize that I didn't look over the science Jerry. I will make sure I include more fluid mechanics questions next time
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Re: The Experiment II

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There hasn't been a lot of discussion about this tournament, so I figured I would say a few more things.

One thing I liked about this tournament is even though it was not easy, Ryan tends to emphasize writing tossups on difficult subjects, but subjects that have come up as answers at previous tournaments.

This makes the tournament a lot more manageable, especially if you have played or practiced on some of the difficult and well written tournaments of the past several years. 2008 Chicago Open was a lot like this, and this I think this is a great approach to take when writing tournaments at this difficulty.

Tournaments like this tend to be really rewarding, and are a great way for people to improve at quiz bowl.

As for the science, I didn't have a problem with it, but I can understand how other people could. I though Ryan did an excellent job with the science, especially since he is not a scientist.

It sounded like some people weren't crazy about the fee for this tournament, but I think it is important to point out that this tournament was like 30,000 words long, and that when you factor in all the time Ryan put into the tournament, he probably made somewhere around minimum wage. Add that to the fact he is not in school, and has to pay his own way to go to tournaments. I do realize that not everyone is wealthy/ well-off though.
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Re: The Experiment II

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Let's see, in terms of actual discussion...

*It was a blast to play. Cool, canon-bursting stuff, but for the most part, stuff that I at least fleetingly recall having heard (maybe) in some other packets before, plus a few stuff that just used solid, hard clues on fairly canonical things. I also agree with Brendan that it helps you for actual quiz bowl (in fact, it helped me get an ICT tossup from an old set we were playing on the ride home).

*I mean, in this day of AIG-fueled rage, nobody wants to throw money around, but twenty dollars is pretty cheap for ten quality packets played with a terrific field. Ryan put a lot of work into it and as Brendan pointed out is not currently funded by any school. I'm sure he wouldn't have gone all Shylockian on you if you didn't have twenty dollars anyway, so really nobody should be using this as an excuse to not play.

*I'm not sure how I felt about the mix of short and long tossups. While the short ones were helpful for some topics (nobody wants to see 8 lines on that itty bitty titty thing), I preferred the general feel of the long ones as a way of digesting and thinking about stuff more.

*I'm not a scientist so there's no way in hell I was going to pick up a tossup on that here, but, yes, I did notice some too-quick buzzes or, on the flip side, some long, vacuous questions that seemed to go on and on with no one, not even science players, able to buzz.

*There should have been some sort of appropriately Westbrookian prize. I was a fan of an all-blank piece of paper except for the lines "Congratulations."

*I appreciated the odd cross giveaways too--I proved I am a myth scholar (I know what Champ is) and a Jewish scholar (I know Damages airs on FX).

*All kidding aside, this was a lot of fun and at no time did I want to eat anything instead of playing.
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Re: The Experiment II

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Cheynem wrote:at no time did I want to eat anything instead of playing.
This is probably the highest praise a tournament could receive.
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Re: The Experiment II

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Just to be clear about the pricing thing, I chose to charge 20 bucks because that's what I thought was a fair value for the tourney in terms of quantity and quality (well, fair value by the standards of the qb market, which is never very lucrative). Edited packet-submission events usually have a base price of around 120 bucks or 30 bucks per player, and writing this event almost certainly took more effort and time than it would for me to edit a packet-sub event. Of course, I also appreciate that it's tossup-only, and so there is relatively less qb provided here than a usual packet-sub event - so 20 seemed a fair compromise. That said, I tried to make it very clear that noone would be precluded from playing because of lack of funds - I don't want anyone to be cut short of money as a result. In fact, with regard to any event that I edit or write, I will gladly allow anyone who truly can't pay the fee for whatever reason to play at a reduced or free rate.

I actually really liked the flexibility of having short tossups - there are some topics like Clever Hans which are fun to write about and have come up at an event like this, but that you really can't write standard 7-plus line tossups on. I mean, it's a damned horse - sometimes, you just don't realistically have enough viable clues to go babbling on for very long, and yet it's still fun for those things to come up. I like having 26-27 tossups in a packet too at an event like this, so that you can allow 8 or 9 tossups to go dead and still have plenty left on which to fairly decide the match.

And next time, I'll try to cook up some appropriately Westbrookian prize.
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