Plagiarism: Don't Do It

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Plagiarism: Don't Do It

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There were several instances of plagiarism found in ACF Fall submissions. In one gross case, Mike Uphoff of Kansas State submitted a packet that, in addition to being perhaps the worst packet ever written, contained extensive plagiarism in every single question. This is the poorest show of bad faith I've ever seen in quizbowl.

In a show of good faith on the part of the editors, we have decided to waive the hundreds of dollars that we are personally owed from the plagiarism we found. Many new teams submitted packets to this tournament, and there was a high correlation between suspicious questions and new teams. Please note that in the future, ACF editors will enforce these plagiarism penalties rigidly. This is your one warning.

We found plagiarism in the packets submitted by Langston and Alabama in addition to the Kansas State packet.

I'm not going to go through every packet in order to dig up other instances. If you don't see your name up here and you plagiarized, you appear to have gotten away with it for now. Congratulations, you submitted a packet that was intellectually dishonest and poorly written, and you didn't even get any better at quizbowl doing it!
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Re: Plagiarism: Don't Do It

Post by KGeee »

I suppose this would be a good spot for a public apology for my poor editing of our packet.

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Re: Plagiarism: Don't Do It

Post by AndyShootsAndyScores »

KGeee wrote:I suppose this would be a good spot for a public apology for my poor editing of our packet.

Andy Knowles
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