FF7 20/20 packet for November 15th

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FF7 20/20 packet for November 15th

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Hi all.

If you see above I'm producing a 20/20 Final fantasy 7 packet to be used (hopefully) on that day. I understand that Illinois and Maryland are running tournaments that day, and am hoping to distribute this to as many college tournaments and high school tournaments that want to use this during lunch, or after the main event is over, or however you wish.

I have the answer selection done, and I've written 30% of it, and would be more than willing to email this to any tournament director that wants it for their own tournament, a few days before that date. Lemme know via email if you want this. (Be sure to indicate you are a TD.)

After that, I have no qualms about posting this for teams to publicly read / practice /savor.

Email: [email protected]
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Re: FF7 20/20 packet for November 15th

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Even though I would 0 this entire packet, I gotta commend you for writing it.
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