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Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2004 2:57 am
by BigFlax
Dan Greenstein wrote:While St. Louis is closer to many more teams than Los Angeles, there is also more to do in Los Angeles, the weather is better, and, if a team has to ask some college bigwigs for money, a tournament in Los Angeles sounds more prestigious than a tournament in St. Louis. Add in the fact ICT was held in St. Louis just three years ago. Probably 25% of the players in the D1 field were at that ICT and maybe some of them decided it was not worth a second trip so soon.
This is true. Personally, I go to national tournaments to play at quiz bowl national tournaments, but that might be just me. (I'd also offer that it's hard to find much time at national tournaments to sight-see, in addition to which it was damn near impossible to navigate LA without a rental car, which not every team could swing.) [/nitpick]