CO Trash Tournament

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Birdofredum Sawin
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CO Trash Tournament

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Since people seem to be making lots of "hey, I want to play in [such-and-such tournament]" posts here, I thought I'd cross-post a reminder to get in touch with me (and/or post here) if you want to play the trash tournament at CO. Thus far I know that Jerry will be staffing, and that's about it. I'm guessing there's slightly more interest than that; it would be nice to start getting a gauge on just how much interest there is.

EDIT: Also, if you want to get in touch with me you might want to know that my email address is adyaphe at gmail dot com.
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Mike Bentley
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Re: CO Trash Tournament

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I think Matt Weiner and I are forming a team.
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pray for elves
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Re: CO Trash Tournament

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I plan on playing this event.
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Re: CO Trash Tournament

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If I can convince my usual Trash teammates to travel to Chicago for this (they would be completely non-interested in any of the other CO events) we'll be there, but this seems unlikely.

If I can't, I may come down for the weekend and float around as a free agent or staffer on Saturday, and try to scrounge up some teammates for the trash on Sunday. I'm probably 50/50 on whether I want to do this or not.

If I decide not to come you can probably hit me up for some free-lance editing.
Brian Weikle
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Auks Ran Ova
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Re: CO Trash Tournament

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I will gladly play and am a free agent.
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Re: CO Trash Tournament

Post by ValenciaQBowl »

Two teams will likely be formed from the Florida contingent, which comprises me, Ahmad Ragab, Amy Harvey, Lane Silberstein, Jim Baker, Billy Beyer, and Sean Platzer, though I'm not sure if all of those listed here will be playing. If needed, I'll be happy to read instead of play. I'll e-mail directly when we figure it out (soon).
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Re: CO Trash Tournament

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As of now, I am a free agent, as some of my MLK teammates did not want to compete in ABD. I did not mind playing solo twice in February for UIC, but I suspect that our trash organizers would. Moreover, I need help with basketball, ice hockey, current baseball, music, current TV, video games, and comic books. My love of film history should be evident by now. The Sunday, July 20, 2008 date would be an anniversary of the first landing on the Moon on Sunday, July 20, 1969.

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