I was curious and looked up CBI results

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I was curious and looked up CBI results

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It seems Rochester, New Mexico, Minnesota, then Ohio State. Wash U finished 5th with a 3-man squad. Florida State bailed, presumably going to ACF.
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Re: I was curious and looked up CBI results

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I'm proud to be a member of the winning team. GO YELLOWJACKETS!
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Re: I was curious and looked up CBI results

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Hey there, Rochester player. I actually played and won CBI Nationals last year, and so I don't necessarily think there's a huge issue with being happy about winning the tournament. I mean, you played, so you might as well win. However, it would be pretty cool if you guys decided to come to other tournaments that most of the circuit hasn't abandoned, and hopefully do well there too. Or if not, at least have a good time, persevere, and get better. It seems pretty obvious to a lot of us that CBI is not a good tournament, and maybe if you played a few tournaments that are widely considered to be quality events, you will see why. Hopefully instead of getting unnecessarily riled up at any particular people's jokes at your expense, you and your team will give other tournaments a shot.

In the end, that's what everyone who uses this forum would like to see happen, regardless of what they're posting here, and I'm sure if you contact any one of them they will be happy to help you along the way.


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