The Transition from High School to College

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Hey high school all-stars do you actually think you'll be good at the next level?

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actually, i like college questions a lot better, at least in my focus, which is humanities. they ask for a lot more in depth knowledge, and no one buzzes in and says "Van Gogh" when they ask for a dutch painter... at least this is what a saw @ UF and heard from some college players...
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Re: The Transition from High School to College

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Matt Weiner wrote:
bt_green_warbler wrote:(I can't find stats from the 2000 NAQT IFT at Yale, but Jacob outscored me there by at least 10-15 ppg.)
Actually, I remember one thing about the stats from that tournament because it struck me as amazing at the time and still seems hard to believe. You both had over 70 PPG, playing on the same team. The exact numbers were something along the lines of 73 and 71; I can't remember who had more, so I'll take your word for it that Jacob did. That was one of the great efforts in team balance, for sure.
Since I was the keeper of stats (and for two years thereafter) for all Yale tournaments, I should chime in with actual stats from the 2000 IFT:

PPG Name Team PTU TU -5 TUH Games
71.50 Jeff H Princeton A 17 48 4 234 10
70.00 Jacob Princeton A 16 50 8 234 10

I actually only started reading this forum today, but I was shocked that anyone would think of Jacob as a mediocre player. It's nice to see people have come to his defense.
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I can now firmly answer that while I did alright in the morning, my stats slid heavily in the afternoon to the point that I averaged about 13.5 or so per game. My teammmates, all having made the transition at the SCT as well ranged from 5.0/game to 30/game.

Of course, seeing that NC State is relatively new at this (no active quiz bowl for 10 years), that might have a mitigating factor.

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We have two people on our team who were very good in high school and are now, unsuprisingly, very good in college. Sidarth from TJ was the high scorer in Division 2 last week (the second highest scorer was a third year, I believe), and he was the second highest scorer on our team when we won ACF Fall. Jason, from some school in NJ, is also a very strong player in Div 2.

But you also don't have to be a really good player in high school to make the jump from college. I was decent at best in high school, and I'm not spectacular now, but I'm probably proportionately better (if that makes sense) than I was in high school. There's also "walk-ons" who never played in high school and are randomly really good. So basically, if you want to get good, don't get scared off.
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Program? What Program?

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A lot of the banter in this thread so far is about players coming out of HS 'Programs'. This is something entirely foreign to me.

My own experience with Quiz had a precursor in my Middle Schools National Geographic Bee which I did well in and even mad states once. But that's old. My first HS practice consisted of me staring in awe at this Senior who answered a ton of stuff. I answered all of 1 question that day on a pick off. It took a couple of years but I developed into a 100 ppg guy in the NAC format. I never ever prepped, only going on whatever general knowledge I retained. Our 'coach' had gotten stuck with the advisorship job, but we all had a ball. Some of his advice: "The answer is always four." "You guys suck." My personal favorite was his attempts at teaching us intimidation tactics. He advocated flipping over our desks and diving at the opposing team. We never actaully tried that method, but we did make fun of teams who took themselves too seriously and then went toe to toe with them. It was great. Another teams coach once sized me up and told me that I was just damned good at guessing the right answer, which is the truth.

I got to college and got slammed. I was lucky if I could help out on 1 bonus in the entire packet, but I'm getting better. If I took intro to econ, intro to psych or something like that I'd be stocking up on great QB material, but that was never my style. It got to the point where I considered dropping QB for good until I went to my first tourney, a JV, where I popped out a 100 point game and a 95 point game. I managed a respectable 20+ ppg at Penn Bowl, and I pulled a 47 ppg at NAQT D2 sectionals. I don't ever expect to be a 80 ppg monster like some of the QB greats because I was never motivated or 'coached' or whatever. And I'm not trying to show off, just making a case.

That's just my experience. Maybe the whole 'program' thing doesnt work, and you just need to have that competetive streak in your blood and the killer buzzer finger (my greatest asset :-D). So, yeah, in short, I expect to do well, and most of all have fun.