Bonus and Toss Up Conversion

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Bonus and Toss Up Conversion

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How well do people think bonuses should be converted for them to differentiate levels of knowledge? Should 90%+ of teams should get 10 points, ~50% get another 10, and 10%- get all 30 points? Should any of these parameters be different?

The same goes for toss ups--there was the thread sometime last year about what is a good number of toss ups that should be converted each round, but what's a good percentage conversion for a particular toss up? Is it worth considering how well it gets converted overall, or just how many toss ups are converted in each room?

I've put in the statistics from Vanderbilt's site for EFT, and I'll get around to putting in Oklahoma's statistics as well; I should be getting some data for ACF Fall soon, too. I hope that some of these statistics can help define more clearly what are "good" bonuses and what are not, if there is such a definition. Based on what people think are "acceptable" bonus conversion rates, perhaps we can identify which bonuses do a better job of differentiating the best teams and which do not, particularly at the beginning collegiate level.

So, if anyone has any ideas for what percentages are "acceptable" for bonus conversion, I can find some of them and maybe start some discussion.
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